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  1. For anyone interested, you can find more of my old Perfect Dark remixes here. I may actually submit some of these myself this time depending on how OCReMix feels about it.
  2. Gray has a tight schedule full of sleeping, watching anime, and remastering Sephire's mix. <3 Gray
  3. I love the textures here, very organic and crisp. This song has a very ambient nature to it, after listening you hardly feel like 3 and half minutes have gone by at all, nice work.
  4. Well here is my quick mixdown: http://krispy.sleazyc.com/HetcenusMixdown.mp3 However, I found, disturbingly, that my ff C6 note is distorted slightly... very annoying indeed. This can do for now, but rest assured I will do something about that note... so every annoying.
  5. I'm just saying, I have a professional setup if you want the extra polish.
  6. Your transition at :11 is bad because its non existant. Start by making one . The beginning is nice, but I would hold a string chord for the tonal ambience. I suppose this use of slayer is passable, but as always, an actual synth would sound much fuller and more interesting. Good start, keep working at it.
  7. Give me the midi and Ill make you a rendering with my equipment.
  8. Larry's smell also drives nice boys temporarily insane.
  9. I'm never leaving the WIP boards again.
  10. Who is Paige and why should I hate him?
  11. God, Fusion2004 was the worst addition to a show since scrappy doo.
  12. Sign me up as a maybe. I love doing ethnic kind of stuff if you have ever heard my music, but I already have obligations to complete before starting on this one.
  13. Hahahahaha you are my hero Wingless.
  14. Wow that was a hot episode. I am already learning stuff about Aurora I would have never thought to ask!
  15. Time restraints, they are already only playing clips of the remixes, I don't think they have time for a full WIP.
  16. I think Rayza should go on a morphine addiction. It is a fundamental part of all successful talks show hosts and will benefiet him simarly without doubt. Rayza must fall.
  17. I bow down to your electronica skills, Tefnek. This mix has a certian level of detail and expertise rarely seen around these parts and is very refreshing to hear -- Bravo. I look foward to your next release .
  18. I really love your composition here, it is varied, dynamic, and fun. The transitions are good and your tones and textures create a lucious atmosphere. Sample wise, there is nothing really wrong what is used here. It is mediocre by professional standards, but its how you use it that counts. I think your biggest problem is your reverb. It sounds like you are using unmodified Gigastudio Reverb, which is bad. It has no low cut and a super long tail muddying up the hall when a lot of bassy or windy instruments play. I don't know what you are using, so I can't really suggest any options, but try and mess with what you have to lighten up the tail and make a bass cut.
  19. Myth pointed this out to me so I checked on the themes and got some ideas. I'm thinking the usual hip hop with orchestral clip blend, maybe Guile's theme.
  20. No use arguing with facts like those. Egotism goes a long ways.
  21. This is wonderful, nothing beats live instruments . It is laid back and competent with great pacing, props.
  22. Probably, he love Phoenix. Txai is right. But also there are a lot of similar motifs/ideas, and some instrumentation as this is essentially Phoenix III in the series, with the other two obviously being I and II. I don't plan a IV at this point though. Thanks for the comments and your time everyone. Gray's first lay was a girl named Pheonix ;\.
  23. What can I say, you sent this to me a month ago and it was just as good then as it is now. Congrats on your big 20, now hurry up and make it 21 you lazy bastard. I still can't stand your voxs, but that hardly matters in the scope of things. I guess next time you will just need to get a real vocalist .
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