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  1. This was pulled from Gamefaq's And now, just for the heck of it, is Megas of Vecanti's attempt to transcribe the lyrics to "Shudder" by playing an MP3 of it at a slower rate: "Check it out / I'm mr. lyrical ?????? and ??????? fast when I'm in front of the microphone / Steadfast ?????? ????? the nitty-gritty used to be the finest of the fittest / Ah yeah, and yo, I ain't with it / You bailed to the left when I made the top ten / Stop lookin' ?????? and ??? to the mike and / Knowledge is the key to be a sensible black man / Rhythm of the street is the ways of a dark man / Devilish attitude, you really make me move / Friday the 13th, you're all up to it / You're Jason ????????? and Freddy all combined / The name of the ?????? is ?????? ?????? / To me / there's only one reignin' body, and ????? ?????? ?????? / And singin' my song I wanna rock about the baby / Won't be long until you're pushin' up daisies"
  2. There's only one remix for Einhänder PSX, and this is an injustice! I'll be submitting sometime in the future, but for the moment it would be great to hear some mixes of a great game. -Vec