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  1. Hi, I'm having a bit of trouble timestretching wav samples in FL studio 8. I checked out some tutorials on youtube, but few are for FL8, and fewer yet make sense. I've tried using the granulizer, which technically works, but the quality is terribly compromised, as it comes out totally grain-shifted. Any help would be greatly appreciated! My personal am is to get some loops (ripped from mp3s) to stretch out a little, no more than I think 1/4 second, while keeping the same pitch. Thanks.
  2. I've downloaded a few VSTs off that cubase page listed in the samples/synths/effects thread, and some of them won't work in my FL9. Dunno why! Any hints? Upon provocation I will list which VSTs, if necessary.
  3. Simple and effective. Thanks man, exactly what I needed. I'll check out the others in case they offer interesting options, but this was all I needed at the time.
  4. I hope that means they all eventually sounds like this:
  5. Hi, here once again to ask for some likely simple advice. What I'm trying to do is have an effect turned on and off in a certain rhythm (not a very complicated one) within a pattern. I'd rather not hit the record button and do it live because it'd wind up fairly off since my computer's not that good and it lags a bit. Is there any way to create some sort of automation clip (don't really even know what that is to begin with) to trigger the effect's on/off switch in the mixer, according to some sort of pattern in the piano roll or step sequencer or something? Thanks in advance!
  6. That is tripping me out big time man.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wbX3lqbcfE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbZpNYx3Vms Also isn't the SMB main theme song heavily borrowed from a (well known?) jazz song.
  8. I'm looking to do some remixing of some popular songs, and was wondering how to go about finding a cappella versions of songs.
  9. Hey, I'm using FL Studio 8. I'm trying to get multiple FX channels to Send to the same Send channel, for the purpose of an effect with a parameter being tweaked via the Peak Controller. Short story long, I've got a song, and wish to fade the intro in, in a certain way. The song begins with a drum track in FX channel 1, and a bass track in FX channel 2. There's something like 8 or 16 bars of intro. Instead of fading in the volume, I wish to have both of these channels send to a Send channel with a chorus on it, and adjust the chorus gradually until the song starts and the chorus will drop out. The reason I wish to Send these 2 FX channels to a Send channel is because at the end of the intro, I want to have an unchorused sample, otherwise I'd put the chorus effect on the Master channel. I understand that I could simply record a live tweaked automation on the chorus, but I wish for something a bit more meticulous, so I want to link the specific knob on the chorus to a controller. That would be a peak controller in another channel, in conjunction with a channel (basically a 3xOsc) using notes in the piano roll to adjust the level, gradually. This should result in the certain knob on the chorus being tweaked according to the velocity of the notes in the 3xOsc which is the only instrument in the FX channel containing the Peak Controller. But for some reason there's no chorus being applied at all to the tracks being sent to the Send channel which the chorus is in. The Send channel's dB meter shows that there is sound coming through, but it doesn't appear to be putting the chorus on it. What am I doing wrong? And thank you very much for any help!
  10. Saw a torrent for this and am curious as to what it is. Neither Wikipedia nor Google had much at all to offer in the way of information. FF7 is the most perfect game ever!
  11. i forget how to do this also, probably dumb question, but can i link the gate's peak controller to a volume leveler in the particular track's effects channel (i'm guessing fruity balance)? since it's got some verb on it, i want to gate on top of the verb and not have the verb on after gating. thanks
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