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  1. I just found a music reminding me harvest moon (SNES), i cant put the finger on what song was it but it have the same high/echoed piano notes flying-in-the-star atmosphere ! Probably when it's new year 1st or something... Anyway, it's coming from depthcore, i was feeling like talkin about it ! It's called "My Memory". see it more closely here : www.depthcore.com section "music" in the new pack Requiem !
  2. I call a ask for this song, the main song of the game (also the only one !) This is a game of 1987: the music was done by some chiptuning, sounding like techno... I wish I could see it with a drum'n bass beat or with an orchestral synth. You may play it via Virtual nes !! Play it here : http://www.virtualnes.com/play/play.php?id=AC23&s=2 ( Try it by going in www.virtualnes.com main page if it doesn't work. You may be able to do the process by yourself to reach the game, through section L That's all Thanks for you
  3. Hi ! I'm requesting a Nintendo ( 8-bit ) little game Electronic ? Orchestral ? Drum n bass ? maybe ! image Legend of Kage This ninja has skills ! He can jump really high and throw stars and use a katana. One hit, one kill. Simply... but the first look at this game amazed me ! And the music : trance ! Huhuh ! Here's a link to the original tune (close-to, midi): http://midi.thehylia.com/downloads/arcade/the-legend-of-kage Here's also my interpretation... http://membres.lycos.fr/mralf/download (then the file is Kage.mp3) My version is done with Fruityloops 3. I'll glady share the file ("composition") to you if it inspire you, for a bit or the whole. Give it a new life ! Comments ? Questions ?
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