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  1. I think bgc hit this one on the head (well, not just thist last post, but multiple ones throughout here): If you remember the Borg cliffhanger in Star Trek: TNG, that was the one where (SPOILERS LOLWUT) Picard was changed into a Borg. On the extras of the DVD, the writer said that was the season that his contract was up and he wasn't planning on coming back, so he decided to just make something ridiculously cliff-hangerish, and then he didn't have to worry about solving it because he wasn't coming back.

    Unfortunately, they talked him into a couple more seasons, and he had to get out of his own pit of nonsense, which ended up being that horrible computer bug. Blech. So yeah, that's how feel that Lost has kept things up and running for years ... making a cliffhanger every couple weeks, but then never explaining it because they wrote themselves into a corner every couple weeks. And if you explain them with something subpar, you get another ST:TNG "Blech".

    BUT, COME ON. If I were a writer for a series that was this watched and this dissected, I would TOTALLY use the internet for my answers. Everyone is saying that no one would be ok with your answer because it wouldn't be scientifically good enough or whatever .. but there are people on the internet that are thinking about LOST probably 3x as much as the writers themselves! Just get out there and take the best hypothesis someone has come up with and then write it into the script. You simultaneously make one person on the internet feel like a predictive god, and you don't have to waste all your own time trying to resolve something that you weren't planning on resolving in the first place.

    And you don't have to say that Lost was "about the characters lol"

  2. The season finale took two and a half hours. The way I see it, it could either have done what it did--provided closure with the characters and brought the show around full circle. Or, it could've spent that whole time explaining everything, without necessarily providing the character closure. Which would you have rather had?

    I'm going to apologize in advance because I don't watch the show, but I have a friend that was obsessed with it, so I'm interested to see how it all "came together" at the end now that it is over.

    Regarding the 2 1/2 hour show: they know coming up to the end what has or hasn't been said and how they want to end it. They could have just explained more of it BEFORE the last second so that you can have an ending AND all the answers. But I don't think they want to answer everything somewhat to just leave it out there and let people talk about it for years, and also somewhat because they wrote themselves in a hole and needed to just let some of that stuff go.

    I've many times read that the creators had an idea for the beginning and for the ending, and then didn't know what would come between. Since the network seemed to have lengthened the show quite a bit past where the writers originally intended on having it, then they probably had to write a lot of filler stuff in the middle to keep it going. But is that really a reason to just say "annnnnnd, all that stuff was not real and you were all dead"? That just makes me wonder over and over if the writers original outline said:

    I. Cast of characters come to island (unsure why)

    II. Characters mingle

    III. The island is ... (protected? saved? I'm still not exactly sure what happened because no one in this thread or the others that I have read through today really lay it down .. probably so they don't give away spoilers)

    IV: Everything else that wasn't tied up this way didn't happen.

    I know I'm oversimplifying it here, but there's a difference between a TV show and a movie: I expect sometimes that a writer of a screenplay gets a great idea, and they get it made into a movie, and it makes a great point, and they leave it open ended so that you think about it for a while, and tell your friends "hey, watch this movie, it will make you think afterwards." They only have 2-3 hours to get you to this point, so it makes sense.

    A TV SHOW however (this one as an example) had what ... 80-100 hours to tell its story? So at the end of that, when they are tying up loose ends and coming to a close, I really don't want stuff to be open to interpretation, because you already spent 100 hours of my life explaining it to me little by little. You had all the time in the world to get me all the answers that you needed to. And unless you're planning on doing "Lost 2", then its never getting answered, and people spent a lot of time not getting answers that they waited every week to get.

    Yes, I'm hating on Lost with little or no right to, but just place any TV show in here (Sopranos?) that leaves the end open after taking your time and feeding you advertisement for 6-7 years.


    And I was rooting for the Saints for two reasons:

    1) Because the Vikings beat my Cowboys and so I like to see our defeaters take the early train home every year, and

    2) Because near the midway part of the game when Favre was getting the ever-loving snot beat out of him, left the game with his messed up ankle then came back to keep playing, I just knew ... KNEW that if they won the game, we would have to listen to a never-ending wall of Brett Favre glory talk for more than a year. I hate Brett Favre for pretty much that one singular reason: because you have to hear about how awesome he is every other day. I also hate Tom Brady and Peyton Manning for these reasons (ever heard of .. I don't know .. the rest of the team??) but people have toned down the Peyton talk now so I'm all about him taking this one. Not to mention that he has been on a team that is a contender ever since time began it feels like. Favre's team is always iffy.

    I guess in general, I'm one of those guys that hates to watch quarterbacksterbation. I know they do a really hard job and doing it really well is much worse, but who is blocking for you? Who is receiving your crazy awesome passes? Who is returning punts and kickoffs for good field position? "PEYTON MANNING MARCHED THEM ALL THE WAY DOWN THE FIELD!" If he ran the ball on every play with no other teammates, then get back to me on that one.

  4. This is the problem though. It's a video game, and somehow it's demoralizing people. IN REAL LIFE. That's just retarded. I'm not going to pretend it doesn't happen to me. Since the few times I played in-house and seen what these guys are talking about, I just play pubs all the time now. Sure, they curse you and call you a noob, but then I tell them they're taking the game too seriously and since there are 30,000+ people playing the game, odds are I'll never see them again.

    And like I said, I've left the computer angry at losing the game, and about 10 minutes later I think to myself, "Wow, this game is screwing up my attitude. This game that I play for "fun" is making me angry." And I realize that maybe I just need to find something less stressful to "enjoy" for a hobby if I get this worked up about it.

    And yes, I'm pointing at all of you. *points*

  5. That's pretty awesome. At first I thought to myself that the S2 staff would probably eventually see this kind of thing and change it, but then after reading your explanation and seeing all the items you had on it, can see this never changing because it is definitely too costly to use effectively.

    But from a gimmicky side of things, that's awesome.

  6. But flat out not listening is just inexcusable. You were guilty of it there, and so was bloodpuddles, and bloodpuddles had an extremely shitty attitude because of his inability to listen & learn - zircon and I refuse to play with him ever again, and I highly recommend everyone to do the same because he absolutely would not use his ultimate as kraken and dash in to initiate, and then when he failed to do what he was asked, he started bitching at me as if I caused him to not do what is kraken's only major role. His attitude is second on the tier to the worst teammate you can have in a team game, the worst being a griefer. One can argue that claiming that by his complete and acknowledged unwillingness to work as a team is griefing as well, as it's a team game that highly depends on teamwork.

    I think that's part of what I hate the most about the game. Here you've made the decision that ultimate + dash for the intiate is "kraken's ONLY MAJOR ROLE". Before a person even understands how to play the game, or a character, they are pidgeonholed into playing it exactly one way. Because for some reason it has been decided in advance that this hero is useful in only one aspect in this very way. And that is just boring to some people. Myself included. I understand that there are ways to maximize how a character plays, but in this case it just feels like you could set up a macro system and go get drunk while your character does his job.

  7. I still play in noob games mostly (cause I'm noob), and it's even funnier in those games. I was just playing Pebbles, and I tossed the MQ (who was obviously very new at the game) and killed the enemy hero, and MQ was like, ".....wtf just happened?" :)

  8. I have to follow in what these guys are saying. The most enjoyable game I had in HoN was a couple days ago where a couple of the guys on my team started chattering over the mic. At first I was worried that it was just going to end up being a couple guys trying to tell us all how we were noob MF'ers and where we needed to go and play. Thankfully though they were just keeping a steady stream of hilarity going back and forth, continually yelling out, "Come friend! Come help me friend!" and "Our friends are dying! Come friend!" Good times. I didn't even care that I was the friend that was dying, it was still fantastic.

    I guess that my point is that the atmosphere was one of having fun and not one of winning at all costs and denying the crap out of the other team. I'm not made for high level competition I guess. I enjoy making mistakes and not getting flamed for it. Laughing about a cheap death. Not hating the game that I play for fun.

    There you have it. /emo

  9. Hey, my apologies to everyone in that game last night that I had to leave. I do IT work for a radiology company, and the doctor wasn't able to dictate the ER reads for some reason, and unfortunately when that kind of thing happens, I have to jump into action. Please don't hate me. :(

  10. The trick I used to last hit and deny like I do in DotA was to pick the hero with the least base damage and worst attack animation then practice killing waves and waves until you can last hit and deny every creep in every wave for ten minutes with nobody harassing you. If you can do that you can work with any hero. In DotA it was Techies. In HoN I'm not so sure.

    That sounds brutal.

  11. New least favorite thing in the game: The teammates that just won't accept that the game is over and concede. Usually led on by someone invis hero on your team that continually steals kills and is well fed, a kill or two is enough for him to rally the troops and keep saying, "Come on! We will win now! Just push mid!"

    Hello disconnect.

  12. Sephiroth was being mind controlled (or at the very least influenced) by Jenova.

    Shinra was experimenting in an attempt to make people more powerful by injecting them with Jenova cells. Soldier (or SOLDIER if you want to be anal about it) was the result of that experiment. The different levels of Solider (3rd/2nd/1st class) have increasing amounts of Jenova cells injected into them (apparently you have to be sufficiently badass enough to withstand being injected with them in the first place, which is why they don't just give everyone the full dose). Cloud (and Zack) were different because they got injected with a massive amount of them after the whole Nibelheim thing. Sephiorth was different because he was injected with them before he was born.

    Jenova can control people with Jenova cells in them. Remember the whole black-cloaked "reunion" guys? Remember Cloud freaking out more than once and handing Sephiroth the black materia/nearly killing Aeris/etc? That was Jenova mindhacking them.

    Sephiroth is seriously just Jenova's pawn. In the same way, you could argue that Cloud is just Aeris' errand boy. The real conflict is between Jenova (the evil alien thing trying to destroy the planet) and Aeris (the last Ancient, protectors of the planet). It's just presented in the guise of Sephiroth vs. Cloud, because neither Jenova nor Aeris can move around and do their thing freely (the former because she got blown up real good by the Ancients however long ago, and the latter because she got skewered by Sephiroth right after she figured out what was actually going on).

    This right here is what you call a beautifully succinct plot summary. Nice!

  13. Voodoo Jester is all about the Cursed Ground, man. It's his very best spell (yes, better than the ult and the stun) and one of the best nukes in the game. He's incredibly lackluster if you don't use Cursed Ground.

    I knew that was the case, but the time he takes to throw down the cursed ground, even if I tried to predict where they were running, I would just miss everyone somehow. And it doesn't help that the range on the spell is so pathetic. You have to be in the thick of battle and throwing it down and I either a) miss them entirely or B) get the crap beat out of me for getting so close.

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