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  1. Hey bro,

    Loved your comment on Grande Valse Mario. I know how you feel when you practice and practice something that you love and everyone else around you is so incredibly tired of hearing it .. but that's the case with pretty much anything! How the heck are you going to get better without a ton of practice?

    Keep it rollin,


  2. just heard golden ivories tonight. your piano playing and arranging abilities are absolutely immense man

  3. I think bgc hit this one on the head (well, not just thist last post, but multiple ones throughout here): If you remember the Borg cliffhanger in Star Trek: TNG, that was the one where (SPOILERS LOLWUT) Picard was changed into a Borg. On the extras of the DVD, the writer said that was the season that his contract was up and he wasn't planning on coming back, so he decided to just make something ridiculously cliff-hangerish, and then he didn't have to worry about solving it because he wasn't coming back. Unfortunately, they talked him into a couple more seasons, and he had to get out of his o
  4. I'm going to apologize in advance because I don't watch the show, but I have a friend that was obsessed with it, so I'm interested to see how it all "came together" at the end now that it is over. Regarding the 2 1/2 hour show: they know coming up to the end what has or hasn't been said and how they want to end it. They could have just explained more of it BEFORE the last second so that you can have an ending AND all the answers. But I don't think they want to answer everything somewhat to just leave it out there and let people talk about it for years, and also somewhat because they wrote t
  5. I can't believe my program got leaked out to OCR!
  6. ALRIGHT MAGGOTS! I'M TAKING ON HALC POWDER AND THE DDD THEME! I'll get in touch with the incredible halc later.
  7. bladiator

    NFL Playoffs

    GOOOO COWBOYS!! And I was rooting for the Saints for two reasons: 1) Because the Vikings beat my Cowboys and so I like to see our defeaters take the early train home every year, and 2) Because near the midway part of the game when Favre was getting the ever-loving snot beat out of him, left the game with his messed up ankle then came back to keep playing, I just knew ... KNEW that if they won the game, we would have to listen to a never-ending wall of Brett Favre glory talk for more than a year. I hate Brett Favre for pretty much that one singular reason: because you have to hear about how
  8. This is the problem though. It's a video game, and somehow it's demoralizing people. IN REAL LIFE. That's just retarded. I'm not going to pretend it doesn't happen to me. Since the few times I played in-house and seen what these guys are talking about, I just play pubs all the time now. Sure, they curse you and call you a noob, but then I tell them they're taking the game too seriously and since there are 30,000+ people playing the game, odds are I'll never see them again. And like I said, I've left the computer angry at losing the game, and about 10 minutes later I think to myself, "Wo
  9. That's pretty awesome. At first I thought to myself that the S2 staff would probably eventually see this kind of thing and change it, but then after reading your explanation and seeing all the items you had on it, can see this never changing because it is definitely too costly to use effectively. But from a gimmicky side of things, that's awesome.
  10. Sweet! I love playing the keeper even though he was woefully hard to use consistently before. Now he's a MACHINE! A ... wooden tree machine.
  11. I'm going to have to agree with zircon that his analogy made sense and your appending of his analogy did not make sense.
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