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  1. i stopped playing because in the first TWO HOURS OF THE GAME there is absolutely no combat, just INCREDIBLY BORING AND MOSTLY UNNECESSARY DIALOGUE

    and then when i finally got to the fighting part the i could not beat the first boss at which point i said screw this and sold the game

    I played through the first two discs and stopped out of boredom. I had no desire to see the second half of the story. Those memories were really awesome, though.

    Edit: The memories he had of his past, not of playing the game :P

  2. 1) Joker tells him the addresses.

    2) Gordon asks "which one are you going to?"

    3) Batman says "Rachel!"

    4) Batman walks in expecting to see Rachel, but Dent is there.

    Gordon also tells his men to go to the address Joker said Dent was, and they end up seeing Rachel's building blow up.

  3. When I saw this trailer in Dark Knight I heard that Smashing Pumpkins song and thought "Why would they remind me of the Batman & Robin movie right before seeing Dark Knight?

    My brother just got the graphic novel, it's pretty ok so far.

  4. But for many people who already made the investment in Rock Band, especially if they did so in the past year, it's a huge leap financially.

    Come on man, think before you blurt something out :? .

    I have the first, and we never use the drums. I'll prolly just buy the game for the songs and be happy. Whatever new stuff they add to the guitar and drums doesn't interest me very much.

    hmmm... I don't know why it cut out the person Bahamut was quoting from my quote. *shrug*

  5. Anybody get Apollo Justice yet? I'm just finishing up Phoenix Wright 3 tonight and wondering if the new stories, characters and gameplay justify the price to buy it new (seeing as I got all the Phoenix Wright games discounted/used).

    I thought it was a tad on the easy side. There's touches of new gameplay but much more of the same old. The characters are really written and the sprites convey emotion well. I play it for the case-solving and the story. If you're not dying to play it for the those then you could hold of I'd think.

  6. ...my computer takes about the same amount of time to fold a unit of 2000 as it does a unit of 100. Which is about 2ish days.

    Yeah, I'm seeing that now, too. I didn't get that some frames were more complex or whatever the deal is. If I had my own comp. I'd do the bonus points thing. Oh well.

  7. 370+ replies and I JUST NOW heard of this project? I must be getting old...

    I just hope you people do a better job than that Hedgehog Heaven piece of trash.

    Can you say "pwnt"?

    What? Aren't you sort of riding on the buzz created by HH, or am I not understanding your reply?

    I don't know how much longer I'll be able to stay away from the wip's. But, bah, I don't have the musical knowledge to help critique them, so no use sort of spoiling it for myself.

  8. Looking like fun, Sithlord! It's really seems to be snowballing as well.

    I know it might be early, but I was thinking you could lay out a set of the rules you have already decided on in your first post.

    Also, you said there could be competition over themes. It's not a bad idea to encourage people to take tracks that haven't been claimed yet, but you shouldn't discourage them from taking up tracks that other, more established mixers have jumped on. The more songs to pick from/vote on, the better I say!

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