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  1. The movie based TMNT for GBA was a kick ass beat 'em up. I challenge anyone to play the game and not constantly think of River City Ransom.
  2. I'm going to go get the battlechest today, if someone wants to to the recruit thing, I was planning on being a priest. I've never played (edit: until) a couple days ago when I downloaded the trial.
  3. sae

    Xbox 360

    I played through the first two discs and stopped out of boredom. I had no desire to see the second half of the story. Those memories were really awesome, though. Edit: The memories he had of his past, not of playing the game
  4. Reeves is too stiff to play Spike.
  5. Gordon also tells his men to go to the address Joker said Dent was, and they end up seeing Rachel's building blow up.
  6. sae


    When I saw this trailer in Dark Knight I heard that Smashing Pumpkins song and thought "Why would they remind me of the Batman & Robin movie right before seeing Dark Knight? My brother just got the graphic novel, it's pretty ok so far.
  7. sae

    Rock Band 2

    I have the first, and we never use the drums. I'll prolly just buy the game for the songs and be happy. Whatever new stuff they add to the guitar and drums doesn't interest me very much. hmmm... I don't know why it cut out the person Bahamut was quoting from my quote. *shrug*
  8. I traded in my Wii and it's games/accessories for a ps3 this week just for MGS4. Can't wait!!!
  9. Is there a way to disable that feature? Thanks DJP!
  10. sae

    Nintendo DS

    I thought it was a tad on the easy side. There's touches of new gameplay but much more of the same old. The characters are really written and the sprites convey emotion well. I play it for the case-solving and the story. If you're not dying to play it for the those then you could hold of I'd think.
  11. sae

    Nintendo DS

    http://blog.capcom.com/archives/764 Apollo Justice demo: "Mock Trial" I didn't know I could anticipate this any more than I already was. New tunes.
  12. Yeah, I'm seeing that now, too. I didn't get that some frames were more complex or whatever the deal is. If I had my own comp. I'd do the bonus points thing. Oh well.
  13. I'm on a 3750 frame beast right now. When it first started up it said it would be completed in March *sweatdrop* Then it picked up and said Tuesday.
  14. Hey, just wanted to say if someone wants one of those compyfox torrents seeded, mail me and I'll help seed. My computer's too shitty to leave them all going.
  15. Can you say "pwnt"? What? Aren't you sort of riding on the buzz created by HH, or am I not understanding your reply? I don't know how much longer I'll be able to stay away from the wip's. But, bah, I don't have the musical knowledge to help critique them, so no use sort of spoiling it for myself.
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