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  1. I was given the great pleasure to make music for a fun online game called "Wind of Luck." When they brought me on board, they said "we want pirate inspired tavern/pub music that will span the world over." Suffice it to say, I didn't have much experience in this style, but I busted out my guitar, mandolin, and every celtic sample I had and got to work! The result is a 17 track album of music that I'm quite proud of and I hope you guys will enjoy it as well! You can listen to the full album for free at this nice !If you like it enough, you can buy it for $4 over at BANDCAMP! Ultimately, I just hope you enjoy the music. Know that this community is responsible for helping me gain the skills necessary to do this in the first place; for that I am most assuredly in your debt!
  2. Hello! I made a mix that features your Sephiroth's Wake track predominantly in the latter half. I hope you like how it turned out!


  3. You had me, and then you lost me by not using Comic Sans all the way through the video. Seriously guys, a missed opportunity !
  4. NOTE: I DO NOT want the more traditional Dubstep sound, only recommendations of other artists who have music similar to his heavy 4-on-tha-floor style stuff.
  5. *****UPDSATE: THE JOB HAS BEEN FILLED***** I have a piece of sheet music for piano that I need a pianist to make into a midi file for me. The turnaround time on this will need to be quick but it IS A PAYING JOB. If you have this ability and are interested, please let me know by emailing me at brian@tweexmusic.com.
  6. Hello Everyone! So, I'm apart of a team that's creating a web series called "Abigail"; I'm composing the music, designing the sound, and taking care of the ADR as well as other various sound things! Anyway, We're a couple of episodes in so far and I wanted to start posting them here for you guys to see. Enjoy! Newest Episode: Previous Episodes: Episode 2 - Standby Me
  7. AWESOME. I'll keep an eye out for it! And I'm with the rest of you guys; I'm finding it VERY hard to resist the urge to re-activate my account !
  8. Mate, I'm truly touched. I'm incredibly happy that you were pleased with the album. The sense of nostalgia for the game is almost overwhelming for me and I have to stop listening to keep from crying . Seriously, thank you for the amazingly kind words!
  9. When you do, put the link in here so I can pimp it! @Zeal: I'm glad to hear the FFXI fans/players are enjoying it !
  10. I'm really glad to hear that you all are enjoying the album!
  11. No, it's not possible for a license to fail because they were unable to get a hold of the original publisher to gain their consent. Copyright law states that as long as the royalties are paid to the publisher, ANY song may be covered or parodied by any person with/without the consent of said publisher then sold commercially (i.e. sold in an album).
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