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  1. cover2.jpg

    I was given the great pleasure to make music for a fun online game called "Wind of Luck." When they brought me on board, they said "we want pirate inspired tavern/pub music that will span the world over." Suffice it to say, I didn't have much experience in this style, but I busted out my guitar, mandolin, and every celtic sample I had and got to work! The result is a 17 track album of music that I'm quite proud of and I hope you guys will enjoy it as well!

    You can listen to the full album for free at this nice


    If you like it enough, you can buy it for $4 over at BANDCAMP!

    Ultimately, I just hope you enjoy the music. Know that this community is responsible for helping me gain the skills necessary to do this in the first place; for that I am most assuredly in your debt!

  2. How I've enjoyed this hour of beautifully re-orchestrated nostalgia. What a delightful and inspirational album this is.

    From the lovely 'City of Tarutaru' to the invigorating 'To Have Wings', all the way to the epic 'A Decent Challenge'.

    This wonderful voyage brought me back in time to the heart of Vana'diel. And for that, I salute you sir. :)

    Mate, I'm truly touched. I'm incredibly happy that you were pleased with the album. The sense of nostalgia for the game is almost overwhelming for me and I have to stop listening to keep from crying :).

    Seriously, thank you for the amazingly kind words!

  3. But IS it really that easy? I am definitely planning on trying this in the near future actually. It seems like you could apply for the license and get a reply like, "unable to obtain license" because they couldn't get a hold of the original company or that company said no. Is that not a possibility?

    No, it's not possible for a license to fail because they were unable to get a hold of the original publisher to gain their consent. Copyright law states that as long as the royalties are paid to the publisher, ANY song may be covered or parodied by any person with/without the consent of said publisher then sold commercially (i.e. sold in an album).

  4. I've been kind of a Kickstarter fiend ever since the FF6 project started. So far, I've seen two 'similar' projects, one is art, one is music. I'm not trying to get anyone else in trouble but, I just don't understand where the line is drawn ..

    The "issue" here is that these kinds of projects usually fall into a strange gray area when it comes to whether it's "legal or not". While I can't speak for the two other projects you've seen that are similar to the FF6 Kickstarter campaign, what I can say is that in many cases (if not most), the "problems" that arise are often due to the visibility of the project. Or in other words, how popular the project is in the eyes of the public.

    Since OCR ended up generating 4-5 times the amount of money that they had been expecting, that would catch the eyes of the public and raises questions from the publishers (in this case, Square Enix).

    However, since this is a gray area, each situation is different and is up for individual interpretations and negotiations. That being the case, the request from DJP to try and hold off from speculation of what SE has said or what's being done in the negotiations is actually a very reasonable request as each situation like this can vary greatly.

  5. I think that selling remixes without the consent of the original composer(s) is a bad thing. In any other case, I don't see why it wouldn't be okay.

    If the proper royalties are paid, a musical artist can cover, remix, or parody and subsequently sell ANY piece of existing music that they want to regardless of whether or not the original artist "wants" it to be done. To require "permission" to do a cover, remix, etc. would effectively mean that music would be protected against parody or criticism.

    Had this ruling not been made, people like Weird Al Yankovic would have never been able to do some of the fantastic work that he's done. Interestingly enough, this ruling was made in no small part due to Weird Al's involvement in the issue!

  6. lov_logo.jpg

    I've been working on a project for about 3 years now and today I FINALLY announced it. I've created a remix album of music from Final Fantasy XI(11) called "The Land of Vana'diel."

    The album will be released on August 1st, 2012 (just a couple weeks away) and will be completely free to download for everyone. I've released a teaser website with a preview video of the music. Feel free to check it out!


    To put it simply, OCR is the place that I came to nigh on 10 years ago to enjoy video game remixes. If it wasn't for this community and the high standards that the staff hold the remixers to, I would have never learned music production and remixing like I have. Suffice it to say, this album wouldn't exist if not for this wonderful community. For that, I am eternally in your debt.

    Thank you.

    -Humbly and gratefully-


  7. Wow, I haven't posted anything here in years. What they hell!

    I've been doing a LOT of folk style music for another project I'm working on when I re-discovered the Zelda OoT Market theme. Decided it might be fun to folk it up. This is an early WIP and I'm wondering if it's worth making into a full on remix rather than just a cover (which it is).



    Remix/Cover: http://www.tweexmusic.com/zelda_market.mp3

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