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  1. I just recently beat Shining Force 2 for the first time

    Congratulations on beating Shining Force II. I second this idea and have been posting requests for individual mixes, all of which have been ignored.

    The Shining series really has no love on this site, with only four remixes total for the franchise. It's a shame really, the Camelot era games have amazing soundtracks.

    I shall keep an eye on this thread.

  2. I love the music of Ocarina of Time and respect it enough not to listen to OLRina of Time. When it comes to pass, I will listen to it.

    I've never been to an opera, symphony, orchestra, or anything like that, and I doubt I will ever have the opportunity (nothing ever comes to Denver, also, don't really have the money for those things)

    But yeah, thinking back, Tyler Heath did the Artifact of Power series, which, correct me if I'm wrong, was four parts. And there was Homes of Hyrule, by Kevin Stephens(?)

    So maybe instead of an opera feel, maybe orchestral?

  3. This is one of the best damn remixes I've heard yet!

    Now if there were more Shining Force remixes produced.

    I really didn't care for "Force of Light" as it

    was heavy in Techno, that was too much for me.

    It introduced the Shining series to OC Remix and

    hopefully bring more in, that's what matters.

    Shining Force CD's soundtrack was kickass.

    Maybe someone will work with that or other

    Shining games.

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