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  1. Any updates? It's been over seven months since the last post.
  2. Congratulations on beating Shining Force II. I second this idea and have been posting requests for individual mixes, all of which have been ignored. The Shining series really has no love on this site, with only four remixes total for the franchise. It's a shame really, the Camelot era games have amazing soundtracks. I shall keep an eye on this thread.
  3. It's a little late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  4. No problem. Whenever you get the chance. If you've got Skype, hit me up.

  5. Hey, I kinda hate doing requests like this, but it doesn't seem like anyone checks the request board. Long story short, would you be interested in doing a Mass Effect remix? If not, that's cool, but if you are, here are some tracks I'd love to see mixed.

    The Normandy

    The Citadel


    From the Wreckage

  6. School, looking for work, maintaining my computer, and lots of other tedious crap. I've also been working (on and off) on scripts for a project that's been in development for almost ten years.

  7. Hey man. It's been a while since we talked last. How are ya doing?

  8. There is a lack of love for the Shining series on this site, so here's a list of songs I'd like to see get the OCR treatment. Shining in the Darkness: The Search for Princess Claire Shining Force: Castle Theme Shining the Holy Ark: Prelude ~ Invitation (Title Screen)
  9. until further notice, mike (darangen's) track is being taken down to check on some issues. it might go back up, it might not. if you've got a question (other than WHATS GOING ON, we'll address that when we know for sure) please pm me. don't post questions about it in this thread.
  10. How do you suppose they get paid?
  11. Here's my rant about the subject. Stupid ESRB...
  12. Definitely. I've found freeware programs to encode/convert to mp3, hell, even winamp does it, you just gotta play around with it. I don't know where this person is coming from.
  13. I tried listening to some OLR, but it was too damn silly for me, I'm sorry Xenon. I'll try a track of olrina this weekend and go from there. Track 1 = Dead link, Xenon.
  14. I love the music of Ocarina of Time and respect it enough not to listen to OLRina of Time. When it comes to pass, I will listen to it. I've never been to an opera, symphony, orchestra, or anything like that, and I doubt I will ever have the opportunity (nothing ever comes to Denver, also, don't really have the money for those things) But yeah, thinking back, Tyler Heath did the Artifact of Power series, which, correct me if I'm wrong, was four parts. And there was Homes of Hyrule, by Kevin Stephens(?) So maybe instead of an opera feel, maybe orchestral?
  15. There's a good selection here. Mooman's Chronological Disorder is a good Battle 1 mix. I haven't seen too many Tyran Castle mixes up, but I haven't really looked for remixes of that track
  16. Yosyonke, on Kalinka island. I'm such a geek. I like it so far.
  17. This is an oldie. I remember seeing this on vgmix2 when it was still around, though I'm not sure if this is a remastery of it, since I don't remember that one too much I am glad to see another Shining mix posted. Keep them coming!
  18. Can't wait for this to become official. I wish all remixers the best of luck.
  19. I guess I'm a Schala nut, 'cause I love this one. Had to read the lyrics before I got a full grasp on what was going on, but everytime I hear this play... Thank you, Pixie!
  20. This is one of the best damn remixes I've heard yet! Now if there were more Shining Force remixes produced. I really didn't care for "Force of Light" as it was heavy in Techno, that was too much for me. It introduced the Shining series to OC Remix and hopefully bring more in, that's what matters. Shining Force CD's soundtrack was kickass. Maybe someone will work with that or other Shining games.
  21. There are no words to describe how awesome this remix is. I listen to it and I can't stop until it's done. A must for anybody who enjoys the music of OverClocked Remix, one of many!
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