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  1. I'm not quite sure if this has been posted yet, as I stopped reading at about page 13.

    Unitil I discovered this this thread, I downloaded most of the fonts I use from http://www.homemusician.net/

    They've got a nice collection, most of it is fairly good, but there's a few you'll want to stay away from.

    I noticed somewhere earlier in the thread mentioning the Joshua Melodic Trumpet. It's based off of a very high quality Trumpet soundfont called Trumpet3, which I personally think has more character. It really depends on what you wish to use it for.

    I've provided some links to some of my most commonly used fonts

    http://soundfonts.darkesword.com < not a ton of fonts, but 90% are very high quality, especially the saxes and squidfont.

    The incredably realistic Trumpet3:


    A very nice Oboe (I believe this is the one I use):


  2. this song is terriffic, i reccomend it to everyone...

    ok that aside for the song's page here's my reply to the previous post. this song is indeed in zelda 3 and the windwaker, the original being Zelda 3. it is a mix of the castle theme. This song is indeed used and heavily modified for windwaker. if you'll notice the theme from the Hyrule (sp?) castle in windwaker, the main theme from the Zelda 3 song is in it. the song's just a LOT diffrent. i haven't had the pleasure of beating WindWaker as i rented it and had to take it back just as i approched the last dungeon. so i'm not sure about the version at the end :D

  3. A Storm in the Desert is simply put: pure beauty. untill the point where the bolero of fire comes in. then it turns into a dramatic heroic march. then fades back into a slightly more suspenceful beautiful part. follows up with a combination. the song becomes quiet... then the theme is played faster than before, and faster and faster. more quiet notes. then a dramitic impact with the perfect ending. kudos to you Unknown

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