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  1. This game is the real deal. Some of the mixes in the full version are so good (especially the Elements of Life song). The Daft Punk megamixes are also really good.

    The only thing keeping me on the fence is what the DLC looks like. If there's more electronica, then I'm in.

  2. Hey all. Just thought you might be interested in this. I recently did an interview with the Megas (Annihilation of Monsteropolis guys) and among the things we talked about was OC Remix. Some highlights:

    ...We discovered the power of OC remix really quickly because we had released the album like a month, maybe a month and a half or so before, so we had sold a lot at the very beginning and it was starting to trail off. Then I woke up one morning and we'd like sold a bunch of CDs and I was like 'what happened?' and I'm poking around, googling us and found out that we were on the front page of OC Remix. That still remains the number one way people tell us that they've heard about us. And people from all over the place, people from South America and Japan and Sweden they're like 'oh yeah I found you guys on OC Remix.' We want to put another song up there as soon as we have something to put up. That will proabbly be the first place that anyone can get a taste of the Mega Man 3 album once we actually start recording it.

    Check it out (and let me know what you think about the audio conversation!): http://www.digitalkuroko.com/home/rocking-out-in-the-year-20xx.html

  3. Big fan of Noel and Jin.

    Easy combo for anyone using Noel: drive attack (either standing or crouching) into down-forward normal hard attack, into fireball motion with drive, into special (two fireball motions and drive). It's a 25-30 hit combo depending on how you do it. I've also been able to work one extra attack in there with the normal hard attack between the first drive and down-forward hard normal at times.

  4. If you're looking for an N64 RPG, there is only one choice: Ogre Battle 64. Best Ogre Battle game, best N64 game.

    Lost Odyssey and Fallout 3 are my picks for the 360. If you're looking for something Dark Cloud-ish, try ActRaiser? It came out on the Virtual Console.

  5. Live sets by everyone under the sun. They've apparently been at it now for hours and hours and are apparently going to be doing this all weekend. Aurgasm.

    Some amazing stuff.

    Video feed: http://astateoftrance.dancefoundation.nl/

    Audio is also at DI.fm trance channel.

    EDIT- Day 2 streams




    Day 3 stream:

  6. I'll have to give that a shot. It seems like anytime I budge against a turtling character my moves get stuffed very quickly. This is especially true with Sagat. I feel like I'm better off stepping back and waiting for them to make a mistake.

    That is a good main strategy, but sometimes you have to mix it up to keep your opponent on your toes. I'll send you a request/invite sometime today if you wanna play. We can analyze your game if you want (or just play for fun, whatever)

  7. Phth: You're right about crossing up, unfortunately I haven't quite learned the proper range/timing for doing that in SF4.

    This is the most frustrating thing about Fei in SF4. He CAN'T pressure much. What can he do to a character who is crouching? Nothing. He has no overhead except his forward MK which has fairly weak priority and is slow. In earlier iterations you could use chicken wing, an overhead, but they took away that property. So his rushdown game is kind of gone.

    A few low jabs or light kicks can set him up for a tick throw.

  8. I'm really having trouble with some matchups. A big part of it is online play (harder to block in a timely manner) and because I don't have a stick... but still.

    Here's one:


    What do you do about a Bison that does tons of scissor kicks, 3x lp chains, and crossups?

    1. You need to punish his jump-ins with flame kick

    2. You need to cross him up when he wakes up. This serves two purpose: 1) it resets his charge if he's holding one, and 2) Bison doesn't really have a good anti-air wakeup move, so it's pretty safe.

    3. You need to keep the pressure on with more low poke strings and whatnot. There were times when you had the upper hand but let off the pressure and Bison re-took control of the match. Fei is a pressure character with lots of mix-ups; use them.

    4. Punish blocked psycho crushers with grabs or rekka-ken (or EX rekka-ken if you have meter).

  9. You're telling me to try different characters, but then you recommend Shotos?

    Sorry, but I try to avoid the traditional Shotos when I play Street Fighter. I can play Ryu, Ken, and Akuma just fine. I have no problem playing shotos. Everyone can play shotos. I always try to get away from that. That's why I play Gouken; he's very different.

    And really, try playing charge characters with a thumbstick or d-pad. It's not easy. I'm sure it's much better with a joystick, but I can't get one.

    I recommend giving Rose a try. I use her as my main because a lot of her combos are very familiar coming from someone who knows how to play shotos, but her normals give her a very different set of tools and her ultra is anti-air.

    Or get good with Dhalsim. There are some amazing Dhalsim players out there. He's all about the normals and ineffectualizing opponents through distance games.

    Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hy9g3D_tZ-M

    Ryu can't do anything. He's stuck. I mean, the guy playing Dhalsim basically invalidated his entire game. And the Zangief match... that's just masterful zoning right there.

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