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  1. I would really like to see Nintendo doing multiple difficulty levels. It didn't make too much sense with earlier Zeldas, but in later ones they could do a lot by putting in more aggressive AIs.

    I would love for a Hard difficulty for the next Zelda. Something that doubled the damage taken from hits and added in new special moves for bosses - maybe mixed up their patterns with some random order. I'd really like to see the bosses get some special "one-hit-kill" moves or close to it (moves that would take out half your remaining health or bring you down to 1 heart instantly.) Every Zelda boss' room has 20 pots with small hearts anyway; Make me use those things in a mad dash to stay alive because Shadow Ganon just pinned me to the ground with a spear, then wracked my body with dark energy channeled through it as if it were a lightning rod.

    Leave an Normal setting that plays like a normal Zelda game, but steal someone from Devil May Cry for input on a Hard mode.

  2. Never played Bangai-O before. From what I've read, it's been on the N64 and Dreamcast. I think it has a cult following or something.

    Anyways, it's coming out on DS



    That video makes me want this game badly.

    Oh shi-

    Bangai-O was goddamn brilliant. Basically, a staple-your-nuts-to-the-wall action shooter where you had a death machine capable of two different attack forms (I believe one shot faster, the other ricocheted off walls) and an infinite-use special attack. The catch to the special? It varied in power based on how many bullets there were on screen and how close they were to hitting you. Use it with nothing on screen and a piddly two missiles pop out. Use it when there are 30 bullets less than 4 pixels from you and it unleashes a 300-volley cascade of death to clear the screen.

    Couple that with the ability to fly in 8 directions while shooting independent of your movement, tons of enemies on every level, and enough zaniness to make Excel Saga look like a soap opera and you have BANGAI-O!!

    Do want.

  3. Citan Uzuki

    Aside from the obvious doctor connections, with me being a medical student, I'm entranced by the mind and the opportunities for thought each and every puzzle presents. I'm very protective of my friends, though, despite not always agreeing with them - I prefer to help them understand their own decisions by playing devil's advocate. To me, reason is king.

    I'm not a violent person and also refrain from fighting physically as much as possible, but there are situations which I believe force is the best option to employ and I'm not afraid to use it in those.

  4. I've never played Baldur's Gate, but I'm sure the mechanic works well, and I'm sure there aren't a whole lot of people who use their magic with abandon (unless they are trying to turn into the demon). No reason it couldn't have worked here.

    Basically, you had an ability called "Avatar" or something, where you would assume the form of your half-god side, The Slayer. Slayer form was ridiculous. Huge stat increases, a ridiculous number of attacks per round, and the ability to rip just about anything to shreds. However, the more you used the ability, the higher your chance to lose control. A few times, I'd pop Slayer form and shred my party's mage in a berserk fury. Eventually, there comes a time when you use the form and permanently lose control, rampage across the screen for about 20 seconds tearing everything apart, and then the game flashes the "Game Over" screen at you.

    I'm not entirely sure, but I also believe there might've been a point where you have a hidden chance to spontaneously activate the power. You get into combat and suddenly the ability pops itself. It's been awhile since I played BG2.

    Good game, though. Fantastic mechanic, were it not for the fact that you can breeze through the game if you equip your main character right. My level 30ish Elf Ranger actually lost damage potential when he assumed Slayer Form.

  5. Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence

    Fantastic game to play online when it first came out. Not sure how it's held up with cheats and such. Still, there's nothing quite like popping out of a cardboard box behind a guy who just ran past you and firing an RPG into his skull.

  6. The whole point of the game is that those ideas failed miserably. I get the analogy, but for it to be completed, this scenario has to end with you getting slapped with a lawsuit.

    It's possible that it changes near the end, but the way I understand it: Rapture was working relatively fine until Fontaine and his smugglers fucked everything up.

    I'm a supporter of a lot of things Ayn Rand put forth. She gave words to the ideas I had before I even encountered her books. I truly believe that excessive altruism is destroying people, but that's a discussion for a different thread and day.

  7. Yeah, it has to be something like that. One time I stood and watched a BD banging on the node trying to get the LS to come out. I dunno if she would've after a while or not, cause I was too busy shooting her would-be-bodyguard in the face with electric buckshot.

    So, who actually harvests Little Sisters? I've been rescuing them all, so I'm curious about the difference in the amount of Adam you get.

    80 for a save, 160 for a harvest.

  8. Not with something like this. Any deal hunter gets shut down when stuff like this goes down from my observations of stuff that happens at CAG. There's been musings of whether TRU is going to get fined for the breach of contract or not atm.

    Probably will get hit with a fine.

    Dunno who's not paying attention to corporate emails, but when I managed retail, we took that shit seriously. It was a company-wide threat that anyone breaching those directives would find themselves fired, as well as their managers and their district managers. Furthermore, everyone was instructed to put street-dated merchandise in the least-visible sections of the storeroom, just so customers wouldn't know we had the game in.

    I used to think it was a joke, until two people in my district were canned on the spot for violations.

  9. -sigh-

    I'm not stupid. It was outputting in 720p.

    Crisper? Yes. $1000+ crisper? Hell no. HD is such a worthless feature to me because image quality isn't something I strive for.

    Oh, and my eyesight is 20/25. So, slightly below average, but not terrible. =)

    Also, I should never play demos. I tried out Bioshock, Eternal Sonata, Blue Dragon, and Shadowrun yesterday and only Bioshock elicited the faintest glimmer of enjoyment from me.

  10. Just to clarify again, I had it hooked up in HD. I'm not retarded.

    Seriously, the difference is so minor that I'd firmly call anyone who purchased an HDTV for the picture upgrade a lunatic. If you need a new TV, by all means upgrade; Shelling out $1000 or more for such an... unnoticeable increase in quality doesn't fit in my mind, though.

  11. HD is one of those things you notice even if an SD and HD set are not side by side. Everything is just so crisp and clean and sharp. I got a 32" Aquos a couple months ago; I don't think I can ever go back.

    Honestly, I disagree.

    I have both a 19" standard television in my room and a 50" plasma HDTV in my basement that I switch my 360 between and I really don't notice much of a difference between the two. Definitely not worth the huge amount of emphasis put on HD in the past year or two.

  12. In the picture Ike has his sword sheathed in the ground, which leads me to believe it's never going to have an attack arc (unlike Roy's). Instead once he plunges it there it'll cause a wall of fire in front of him, and likely wider, taller, or both when charged.

    I wonder if Eruption will have a special hit zone for the sword, as well as the fire. Like how Young Link's down-stab hit differently if you (miraculously) hit someone with the pommel of the sword.

  13. It kinda sounds like it'll stop moving once it hits the top. Also, it doesn't sound like the Ice Climbers level in that it stays at one speed. My biggest problem with the IC level was that it kept changing direction and speeds. Sucked to be at the top of the level and it suddenly starts moving down fast.

    Depending on some decisions here, I might actually play this level. Hell, Big Blue was my favorite level in Melee.

  14. They should just take out edgehogging. If someone is already grabbing on the ledge you want to grab, you grab on that person's feet instead.

    That way, there's still a bit of an advantage to the person edgehogging (since the person 'hogging could drop at any moment), but it's not this super cheap move wherein you bitchslap someone off the level and then prevent them from using one of the most basic moves in the game to come back.

  15. I just thought i'd put in my 2 cents...

    I got an XBox 360 about october of last year and definitely thought that I had become an extreme 360 fanboy. I thought that the ps3 was way too expensive and not enough of an upgrade to warrant the price of admission.

    However, I have been looking around at the ps3 recently after i came into a bit of extra money from working all last semester and this summer. I decided to take the $500 dollar plunge after the price drop. (if you buy it at circuit city, you can get a free second controller as well as the 5 free shitty blu-ray movies).

    I have to say; wow, the ps3 is awesome. It looks great! I have it set up to a 62" DLP HDTV at 1080i, (i cant wait for my own tv for 1080p). The people who bash on the ps3 and blu-ray format really need to eat the shit they're throwing; when the fidelity is good enough that you can easily see the pores on characters in a movie during an action sequence, i think that's about as good as you really need.

    The sixaxis is a pretty damn cool feature. I know the Wii has an even better version of the accelerometers, but that really got quite annoying after a while; i don't want to be sitting in an awkward stance for 3 hours trying to keep a ball from rolling off a wooden plank in that Zelda mini-game. The games use it as sort of an immersion-type feature (some better than others) instead of using it as the only gimmick in a game, like the wii.

    The on-line part of the package is actually quite good, especially considering its free. It works about the same as the 360 shop and on-line gaming feature but makes it so that you can look at any of the games and movies no matter how deep you are in the shopping options. There's also virtually no lag in any of the games ive played online, which is pretty cool.

    All in all, I realize that many of you in this forum have probably looked around at all the features and know more about this stuff than me, but for those of you still on the fence about the ps3, i would say that you won't be disappointed in the system. You may be a bit disappointed in the games at the moment, but once killzone 2, MGS4 and Final Fantasy 13 come out its going to be a different story. I would have to say, that as soon as the ps3 has a good library of games and once they get the rumble-enabled controllers out on the market, (i hear they may be having you send in your controllers now and they'll give you the new ones for free, but i think its just a rumor) its going to be the best console to buy.

    Shill more, pl0x.

  16. seriously a psp is the best handheld ever everyone should get one

    but it is only good once the custom firmware is installed

    ive been playing gitaroo man lives, castlevania sotn, and parappa the rapper

    oh yeah and golden sun and mega man zero which looks GREAT on the psp screen

    and a lot more

    id recommend just getting the psp a copy of lumines (so it can be hacked) and a 2 gig memory stick

    thats all you will ever need

    Which still comes off as the biggest irony in the gaming industry to me. The biggest reason to own a PSP is to play other companies' games on it.

    I'd be interested to know the attach rate for PSP sales. That is, how much software is sold compared to hardware. Would be a nice to compare to the DS and see how many of those PSPs are likely hacked and have emulation running.

  17. That's a good question...What was the reason they downsized it again though? I don't remember that little bit of info.

    The person in charge of it (a woman, go figure) decided that she didn't like the whole idea of a testosterone-filled, babe-stuffed, giant extravaganza and announced the downsizing while claiming it was to promote and encourage smaller developers to break out at the show. Basically, she didn't like how big companies came out with giant, house-sized booths, scantily-clad females, and bombastic speakers and swept smaller companies under the rug their noise was creating.

    So, short version: They downsized it to give smaller companies a chance to show off.

    Personally, I'm still just seeing the same news with the same bravado from the same companies. She probably pushed the downsizing on E3 because she was embarrassed to head up the "Biggest Nerd-Circus on Earth."

  18. I think it'd be silly to pull support for GCN. It can still work as a perfectly good controller for any game. Nintendo should follow what they're doing with Brawl and give multiple controller options with their games.

    This is the debate that came up when the controller first came out.

    The problem with offering "traditional" control schemes is that it would undermine the whole idea of the new controller. Eventually, it could lead to no (or few) developers using the Wii Remote and then what would the Wii be?

    That's right. A cheap, technically inferior system to the 360 and PS3. It would have no edge. Right now, innovative motion control is that edge.

  19. You guys complaining about a lack of 3rd party support have to look at it this way: Publishers probably looked at history, specifically how Gamecube did. After seeing that the Gamecube sold poorly and the PS2 dominated everything, I'm betting most publishers decided to commission games to be made for the PS3 and figured it wouldn't be worth spending the money on Nintendo.

    What happened? The Wii took off like a rocket ship and the PS3 languished behind. Note the alarming number of game cancellations for the PS3 after the systems had launched. Meanwhile, after the holidays, reports came out about companies slating more games to be released for Wii. Given that it's going to take them at least a year to really crank anything worth buying out, I'd say 2008 is going to be the return of 3rd party support for Nintendo.

    What we've gotten so far were the scrap offerings. The initial "Eh, it's just a Nintendo system. We have a crappy movie license to make a game on, right? Do that one." and the later "Oh shit, that thing's actually selling? IT SOLD HOW MUCH? Why didn't we make games for this thing? Quick, port Scarface over while it's still hot!"

  20. I thought it had been confirmed for, like, forever that RE5 was going to be for 360 and PS3 so I didn't find that suprising at all. Assassin's Creed, though...that looked really cool. Seemed like the controls were more or less Prince of Persia (albeit more fluid). Looking forward to it.

    Do we have anything to confirm that AC =! PoP4?

    I'm just wondering. I can't help but shake this feeling that I'm going to get ugly flashbacks of playing PoP2 and hating every second of it.

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