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  1. You know the part around 2 minutes when it sounds like someone is singing? Teeeheee, that's me. I randomly said, "jump into the sky, like a moon over the stars going crazy, like a pie in a blackhole vortex going through subliminal messages." BTW, this song is like, over a year old. Why does it take so long to get stuff posted on OC remix?

    Things have to be submitted before they are judged/posted.

  2. probably not, but i'll tell you what i AM going to do

    i'm going to sooner or later update the entire song, better patches, better recording, smoother edges, and i'm gonna trim the fat so i can include the segment that the OCR version is missing. shooting for early 2005.

    ^Holy shit yes. As with any Vigilante mix the highlight of the song is the guitar work and I am definitely loving it in this one. I can't wait to hear an improved version. So the song can sound as good as the arrangement and guitar playing is.

  3. GrayLightning consistantly puts out great remixes. I remember browsing through the DKC project thread and the project seems as though it had just been announced and before most people had their first WiP done GrayLightning had already finished this mix!

    This mix is my favorite GrayLightning mix. The instrumentation is great and I love the ethnic instruments and the percussion in this mix. More importantly im a sucker for bells. So this mix would obviously be a favorite.

  4. I am utterly disappointed in this album as a whole. While there are two or three good songs among the 22 total, my personal favorites from the OST (Mine Cart Madness, Funky's Fugue, Aquatic Ambience) were utterly butchered. Mine Cart Madness...did Protricity really have to make a dance-techno mix of that? That was the best one in the game and it was destroyed by such a stretch in genre!

    The fact that this person can bash three generally agreed strong mixes on the album and still find stuff he likes speaks volumes about how strong and full of diversity this album is. Moreso it is important to note(Protricity already kindly pointed out) that any person who thinks that bLiNd, Protricity and Vigilante butchered their respective tracks is a fag.

    It is no small thing to say this project includes my favorite Adhesive Boy, Gray Lightning(MA) and Vigilante(BtS) track. However that being said as a fan of Israfel's work his mix does not appeal to me at all. But overall congratulations are in order for Digital Coma and all of the remixers involved in this project for their sucess

  5. By saying this remix is stupid you are complimenting it. It is supposed to be stupid. I wouldn't go as far as saying it was the funniest song ever but it still brought a smile to my face. Some people seem to be overreacting to a stupid one minute song. Lighten up people I mean its a small one minute song that has been around OCremix for a long time. Get over it if you don't find it funny.

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