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  1. Here is one I like. Hard to find good xenogears fanart.
  2. Don't really post here, just come for the music but saw Winnipeg on the front page and decided to post in this thread. I also live in St. James.
  3. http://jeremy.narphonax.com/index2.html for part II and III http://www.soundclick.com/bands/4/jeremyrobsonmusic.htm For part IV
  4. Things have to be submitted before they are judged/posted.
  5. A great remix from one of my favorite remixers. This song definitely has a great vibe to it. Pleasent and dreamlike.
  6. Whatever theme this is remixing from Earthbound it certainly captures the feeling of the game. Like many game sountracks the Earthbound tune in here has many similiar variants on the sountrack. My favorite part of the remix is definitely the softer ending part with the guitar strings.
  7. ^Holy shit yes. As with any Vigilante mix the highlight of the song is the guitar work and I am definitely loving it in this one. I can't wait to hear an improved version. So the song can sound as good as the arrangement and guitar playing is.
  8. A great remix of Aquatic Ambiance. It's hard to say much more than quality work from a qualiy mixer.
  9. GrayLightning consistantly puts out great remixes. I remember browsing through the DKC project thread and the project seems as though it had just been announced and before most people had their first WiP done GrayLightning had already finished this mix! This mix is my favorite GrayLightning mix. The instrumentation is great and I love the ethnic instruments and the percussion in this mix. More importantly im a sucker for bells. So this mix would obviously be a favorite.
  10. Another great piece by Graylightning to add to the playlist. When I think GrayLightning I don't think driving "military-esque" music but I love the percussion work especially. Love to see more Shining Force remixes. Especially by talented remixers like him.
  11. Star Salzman pulls off perfect execution (minor language nuances that no one really cares about aside)in a mix with such a large scope that demanded no less. Great work and keep making quality music. While not my favorite mix of yours definitely your most epic and technical best.
  12. The fact that this person can bash three generally agreed strong mixes on the album and still find stuff he likes speaks volumes about how strong and full of diversity this album is. Moreso it is important to note(Protricity already kindly pointed out) that any person who thinks that bLiNd, Protricity and Vigilante butchered their respective tracks is a fag. It is no small thing to say this project includes my favorite Adhesive Boy, Gray Lightning(MA) and Vigilante(BtS) track. However that being said as a fan of Israfel's work his mix does not appeal to me at all. But overall congratulations are in order for Digital Coma and all of the remixers involved in this project for their sucess
  13. With Protricity's talent and the great DKC2 source material you can expect it to be awesome. The best thing about Protricity's remixes is that his songs never stagnate. I don't think I have ever quit midway into one of his songs. It also helps that this song (as djpretzel mentioned) has very good transitions. Overall great work and I look forward to hearing more in the future.
  14. I loved the Commander Keen games and I love this song. That lead synth was a great choice and gives this whole mix an airy, transporting quality to it.
  15. I believe this is a remix of Hyrule Castle and not the Darkworld Theme. At first I was like hmmm a nice orchestral rendition of hyrule castle. Then when those drums came in I knew it was going to kick my ass. I love how the mix builds up and then just bursts. Awesome remix.
  16. By saying this remix is stupid you are complimenting it. It is supposed to be stupid. I wouldn't go as far as saying it was the funniest song ever but it still brought a smile to my face. Some people seem to be overreacting to a stupid one minute song. Lighten up people I mean its a small one minute song that has been around OCremix for a long time. Get over it if you don't find it funny.
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