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  1. The shoryuken can also be on fire, like a falcon punch.

    I still want to know if the multiple versions of each move would be possible, such as super & ex. Once I know if they are or aren't I'll make a choice.

    Also....four years to make 600 posts? Hot damn

  2. is there a way to get Portal without buying the orange box (i already have HL2)? ...please don't say steam distribution. i would rather hang myself. seriously.

    There's a Black Box that contains just Portal, TF2 & HL2 Ep 2 for PC users only.

  3. I've been wondering around this site for a while hoping(silently) that I whould never have to comment on one of these works. Well looks I was wrong - djprezel & all other positive reveiws(I don't think there was I totally outright negative post) have already given enough aclaim to a true masterwork. I think this just might urge me into contributing some of my own works.(I think I'll have to listen to some of this sites offerings)

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