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  1. The shoryuken can also be on fire, like a falcon punch. I still want to know if the multiple versions of each move would be possible, such as super & ex. Once I know if they are or aren't I'll make a choice. Also....four years to make 600 posts? Hot damn
  2. ^^ Rise of the Triad. The second list anyway. The first group looks like Duke Nukem 3d EDIT: Damn you Taucer
  3. The movie was great, the last line was just awesome.
  4. Seeing a G-T thread is much akin to light for moths in my case. I'll comment later, got more of your stuff to listen to, or bits stuck in my head getting in the way.
  5. Sweet table. I'll start on my match hunting when I can get some time, with a newly started reno going on I don't know if I'll get a chance.
  6. I'm willing to give this a shot, MotW isn't really my game but hey, a new challenge is always welcome. *places quarter on marquee*
  7. There's a Black Box that contains just Portal, TF2 & HL2 Ep 2 for PC users only.
  8. Bowling you say? http://toronto.com/sports_recreation/listing/229646#mapAnchor Easily arrive by subway!
  9. Totally awesome update! I'm a definite for showing up. Also, why just read & post in the thread, when you can mention if you can show up or not Prasa?
  10. Hey guys! I'm at the moment a very close maybe, got a few things to sort out & I'll update my status accordingly.
  11. A welcome for Jacko & Kaizoku to the boards. Jacko: It's ReMix. Kaizoku: There's a requests forum, go have a look in there for inspriration
  12. Welcome! Your tags are fine but direct linking to a google image search usually doesn't work. Here you go: Feel free to use it. [img=http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/7196/imagestu5.jpg] Image Shack comes in handy. Just in case you wanted the white background gone... Oh yeah! Welcome to you & other recent arrivals. Way to go Michelle, saving a gif as a jpg : P
  13. Don't forget about the old stand-bys, gif & jpeg.
  14. I listened to this after having meeting Aurora. To say the least, I'm completely blowing away with her presence. Teresa, you made me cry. I love you for that
  15. This was the song that leaded me to OCR so as you can tell it has definly made an impression on me(otherwise I wouldn't have wrote this) This stuff is what I would like someone to release on an album I for one would buy it & I'm sure that there's some members of this forum that would to.
  16. This should be the standard(If it isn't already) that all future OC's w/vocals are judged by & hope that there will be more of these in the future
  17. This was the first remix that just recently I trying to play - The result? I suck, but the effort is what counts(You won't know unless you try) Anyway I'll keep trying, for this remix kicks major ass!
  18. As a fan of songs like Evenescence's Eternal this really can be something to throw right next to it and no one would complain, even if this song was replayed 3 times to equal the time that Eternal takes up. Anyway this an amazing track that will remain on my playlist.
  19. I've been wondering around this site for a while hoping(silently) that I whould never have to comment on one of these works. Well looks I was wrong - djprezel & all other positive reveiws(I don't think there was I totally outright negative post) have already given enough aclaim to a true masterwork. I think this just might urge me into contributing some of my own works.(I think I'll have to listen to some of this sites offerings)
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