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  1. It's ok... I didn't really like how my remix was coming along and you are right with it not being up to par with the rest of the project. I am still a bit disappointed though...well anyway, good luck to everybody still on the project! (sorry for the late reply btw, I was on vacation for a week)
  2. Nope ^^; You might have an incorrect tracklisting, though. But yeah, final boss should be called "Final Boss". as far as the game goes, this music plays before the Doomsday theme, and there is nothing after the doomsday theme - no "part 2" at all. Ok, I'd better change the title then Thanks for your comments Terial. I think I'm gonna drop the conga's since they're a bit useless, they don't really add that much to the track.
  3. Wrong!! I did write about them on page 16 (yes, that's a while ago). I'll refresh your memory: whoops sorry I missed that - but thanks for the comments, I'll see what I can do right away! And about the title...isn't the Final Boss music called "Doomsday Part 2" ?
  4. Um, Hi It's been a while since I posted anything here, but I still haven't really gotten any feedback on my Doomsday mix(es) So here i go again: 2 versions, one with conga's one without, since I couldn't decide wether to keep them or drop them... http://home.planet.nl/~hofm0200/s3doomsday(novamix).mp3 Conga's http://home.planet.nl/~hofm0200/s3doomsday(novamix2nocongas).mp3 No conga's Please give some comments..I feel my mixes are quite crappy so I need to know how to fix them
  5. I read your post just after I submitted mine (yes it took me over ten minutes to write that!)
  6. Ok so here is an update on my remix. Since the drum weren't really much, i decided to add some conga's, only that didn't really work out very well...that why i have 2 versions now, one with, and one without the conga's. Please tell me if i should keep 'em or drop 'em. http://home.planet.nl/~hofm0200/s3doomsday(novamix).mp3 Conga's http://home.planet.nl/~hofm0200/s3doomsday(novamix2nocongas).mp3 No conga's Also, i'm a total n00b when it comes to eq'ing. I just can't do it cause i don't know how and what...if some one could help me with that, i would be very grateful (i use FL, as some might already have noticed )
  7. Why is everybody getting feedback except for me In case you missed the link: http://home.planet.nl/~hofm0200/s3finalboss.mp3
  8. An update on my WiP... http://home.planet.nl/~hofm0200/s3finalboss.mp3 Still pretty crappy. Need to fix volume issues an' stuff. Offcourse feedback is appriated ^^
  9. Still lots of stuff i need to change about it, but here is an update on WiP: http://home.planet.nl/~hofm0200/s3finalboss.mp3 All of the other WiPs sound very good! Keep up the good work guys! Edit: Fixed link
  10. Doomsday pt 2 is actually FinalBoss. So I'm remixing that. I am remixing that too, but i'm already correctly placed on the list
  11. I know it doesn't sound like much now (especially compared to Hadyn's WiP), but here is my WiP of Doomsday pt 2: http://home.planet.nl/~hofm0200/s3doomsday.mp3 Hope it doens't suck to much...
  12. http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/sega/genesis/s3_credits.mid Is this "Ending"? Because I might want to remix this. Or else maybe Doomsday pt 2 (I know it has already been claimed, but just in case ) I'll try some stuff and see if can make anything of eitehr one of these tracks...
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