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  1. Stick with the PS1 version, or grab the PSP collection. The Saturn version, despite how it SHOULD have been better in many ways, turned out worse in many ways. The new content was a nice touch, but it doesn't make up for the faults that the Saturn version became weighted down by.

    Konami was/is notorious for lazy ports. The XBox version of Metal Gear Solid 2 should have also have been better from a tech standpoint compared to the PS2 version.

  2. Well, to compliment my previous post, I found a copy of Albert Odyssey, complete, for $35. I don't know why the guy didn't up the price- that was his offer just to purchase!

    I snagged it immediately. Now I feel like a money-wasting whore.

    Actually, that usually is the price I hear AO go for to a patient eBayer. Its the impatient ones that end up spending a whole lot more.

  3. It's one small area of the map, a couple of tunes and one fairy type. That's it. I think there's a weapon or two, but considering the longer load times, the considerably reduced effects, and the slowdown, it ain't worth $200.

    And this comes from someone who owns it (paid $50 from EB back when they carried import Saturn games).

    The perspective's fine. And if you play it and don't like it, there's something wrong with you :-P

    You're forgetting the ability to play as teenage Maria, Coop ;) (Unless I'm getting senile, and forgetting that one of the other releases had her as well.)

    I remember EB carrying imports. Software ect... did too before they were bought out by Gamestop. That's where I got my copy of SotN for the Saturn. They also had a copy of Radiant Silvergun for $40, which I'm still kicking myself for not picking up.

  4. Don't know. I preordered it months before its release, and was told $49.99. I paid half of it, and waited (impatiently) for it's release to pay the other half.

    Might wanna check my list again ;-)

    Fair enough. I remember what they charged me because the sticker is still on the case, if you got it for 15 USD less, kudos. I did get my copy of Guardian Heroes from the same store for 15 USD.

    My bad. Missed it in your wall'o'text. Still, worth commenting that it was also released under the name Blazing Heroes in North America.

  5. It is. Even after the time that's passed, there are still exclusives and "best home versions" to it.

    Just be sure it's a 1MB/4MB compatible one (it'll say it on the cart/box usually). There are import carts that also have a boat load of extra game save memory to go with the 1MB/4MB expansion, which is handy too for when your Saturn's memory gets full. But you can buy a game save cart separately pretty cheap, so the main thing is the 1MB/4MB compatibility so you can get all kinds of great Japan-only Saturn ports that trounce versions on the PS1 (like Darkstalkers 3/Vampire Savior, the first two Street Fighter "vs" games, etc.).

    I got mine back when the game was released (been a Saturn owner that long), so it only cost me $49.99. Pre-ordered it at an EB.

    How'd you manage that price, Coop? I'd pre-ordered my PDS as well (from Software Ect...) and mine cost me 65 USD. To be fair it could have been S Ect... price gouging towards the end of the Saturn's life. Not complaining...its not like I paid 200 USD off of ebay, but I remember it being kind of rule of thumb that Saturn RPG games were priced comparable to SNES RPGs.

    Sega's systems always seemed to suffer from the fact that mainstream audience always seems to tout the other system's libraries, but for those that bother to look, they find that Sega's systems had some true gems (and I'm not limiting that statement to Saturn).

    By the way didn't notice this one mentioned, Mystara/Burning Heroes (SRPG). Its a bit clunky, but it was a pretty fun Shining Force style SRPG.

  6. Alright so i got Alundra on ps3 and as far as the art work is conserned it really reminds me of Landstalkers... which makes me wish this game was in Isometric view...

    also i love the arc the lad series so much that getting both these ps1 classics was at the top of my list (next to sonic 4)

    I seem to recall that a number of the same people worked on both games. Considering the era, that game had one of the darker RPG stories as well.

  7. now that the 9800s have finally come out (at 599 a pop), 8800s should be dropping soon.

    that said, i've seen two different 9600GTs for 149$ (after a 20-30$ mail-in rebate) - XFX and MSI both sell one at that cost. neodestiny's actually getting one of the MSI cards for his box, complete with free game (th witcher, WHICH ROCKS)


    the 8800s weren't too badly priced to begin with, if I recall correctly.

  8. Well in that case, you learn all the basic skills you need for building a computer in kindergarten when you're putting together LEGOs. :) It doesn't really help to know whether the CPU you're getting is big-endian or little-endian, or any of that extremely low-level stuff you learn in O&A (my friends preferred to call it "Org/ASM" for obvious reasons).

    Unless you're actually printing circuits and making your own components from scratch or something...THEN that might come in handy, although an EE major would have a much easier time I imagine. But that's just crazy...I've never heard of anyone even trying that.

    My dad knows how to do that...but he was a career electrician, who learned that work from his dad, since his teens, and he just retired 2 years ago.

    On the other hand, He doesn't know how to put together a modern desktop (although that has more to do with him never having had to do it. If he wanted to learn, I could teach him myself pretty quickly, but seeing as how I know how, he doesn't have to learn ;) )

    He just says "Boy! Fix this thing." (I'm 32 and he still calls me "boy" :roll:)

  9. ....was the sega master system. I could have frozen the universe with the line he uttered next "what the hell is a sega"...

    If I had a dollar for every time I've had that reaction happen after I mention the Master System. Then, they mistakenly think you're referring to the Genesis.

    Also, I remember Christmas, 1980. I was 5, and dad had bought the family an Atari 2600. It came with "Combat". He also bought "Space Invaders", and "Outlaw". Thus, an addiction was born. The RF switch that came with the system wasn't even automatic. You had to toggle a switch to change the signal so that you could play.

  10. I have a 1GB iPod shuffle. The On/Off button broke, and now its a glorified USB flash drive.

    bought an RCA pearl something or other.. has 512 MB of flash memory and a slot for a Mini Pro Duo memory card for expansion and USB plugin for file transfer. This thing cost me 30 USD, and seems capable of taking quite the beating. It does use batteries though (1 AAA=15 hrs of play time at a decent volume level. I intend to invest in rechargables).

  11. Perhaps this CD was an omen... Yes, a portent foretelling of things yet to come for the blue spiky one, and the levels of suck he was destined to descend into. It's all clear to me now.

    Behold! The great seers: Emerald Hill, Andrea Husak, Oscar Oberheim, and Spike Shellcraker. They alone knew the dark days that would befall the blue blur...indeed all of Sega. They tried to warn us, but we didn't understand at the time.

    Forgive us, Great Ones...Forgive Us.

  12. Man I want to hear it too.

    The worse cd that comes to mind was something that I bought back in middle school. Space Ghost Back Yard BBQ (Yeah they made an album) Highly annoying and stupid. I pray that I never hear it again.

    Um..there were two Space Ghost CDs

    *checks amazon*


    OK, my bad...there were five Space Ghost Cds

    Actually, I still get a kick out of Space Ghost's surf n' turf, but I'm not listening to it for music, I'm listening to it because I want a chuckle at work.

    Oh, and upload that Sonic CD, today at work was uneventful and smooth so I haven't filled my daily quota of fail today

  13. Definitely some very obvious similarities. Yeah, not all of the MGS theme segments are present in the Russian piece, but there are numerous melodic motifs that are copied nearly exactly. Minor rhythmic variations. I wouldn't say it's a 1:1 rip though, and it COULD be purely coincedence; after all there are a limited number of possible melodies in the world, and the MGS theme isn't that complex to begin with.

    Agree with you here. I know, on a personal level, how aggravating it can be to have a song you wrote as an original sound like another song (a much, much more famous song). As an example: a song I wrote about 12 years ago entitled "Seeking the Ancient Wisdom." (Sorry, this is a project recording so, frankly, the "production" if you want to call it that isn't very good. I never recorded a cleaned-up version of the song.) You get a hint of the more famous song at 0:34 - 0:59. That hint repeats, and then in the chorus, at 2:27 - 3:50, you get the full effect. Both sections repeat throughout the song. I'm not going to name the famous song here (it shouldn't need me to when you hear it)

    Keep in mind, at no point am I accusing the original song writer, James Horner, of plagiarizing my work (I wrote it about 9 months before the "famous" song started to receive airplay). It is quite simply impossible for him to have done so, only a handful of people had heard the final product at that point, and I can say with full confidence that none of them would have been able to (or wanted to) bring the motifs that I used to Mr. Horner's attention...

    ...doesn't make it any less frustrating, though. :(

    it's one of the reasons I never did a more complete version of the song.


  14. Eric Mylonas (sp?) was one of the editors at a gaming magazine known as GameFan (Previously Diehard Gamefan). In one of the last issues of that mag he commented on being happy that djp had mad a remix for MUSHA (an old Genesis shmup, awesome game), I was curious as I'd just recently discovered the joys of the internet, having recently bought my first PC, and had been looking for video game related music. Because of that, I found my way here.

  15. Don't forget (and take the time) to do warm-ups. (scales, and simple melodic patters, and what-not)

    Like any other muscles that you might want to use preparing your diaphragm and vocal cords will give you better response when you need them. Simply warming-up will increase your range (beyond not having warmed-up)

    If you already take the time to warm-up, nevermind ;)

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