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  1. Konami was/is notorious for lazy ports. The XBox version of Metal Gear Solid 2 should have also have been better from a tech standpoint compared to the PS2 version.
  2. Actually, that usually is the price I hear AO go for to a patient eBayer. Its the impatient ones that end up spending a whole lot more.
  3. You're forgetting the ability to play as teenage Maria, Coop (Unless I'm getting senile, and forgetting that one of the other releases had her as well.) I remember EB carrying imports. Software ect... did too before they were bought out by Gamestop. That's where I got my copy of SotN for the Saturn. They also had a copy of Radiant Silvergun for $40, which I'm still kicking myself for not picking up.
  4. Fair enough. I remember what they charged me because the sticker is still on the case, if you got it for 15 USD less, kudos. I did get my copy of Guardian Heroes from the same store for 15 USD. My bad. Missed it in your wall'o'text. Still, worth commenting that it was also released under the name Blazing Heroes in North America.
  5. How'd you manage that price, Coop? I'd pre-ordered my PDS as well (from Software Ect...) and mine cost me 65 USD. To be fair it could have been S Ect... price gouging towards the end of the Saturn's life. Not complaining...its not like I paid 200 USD off of ebay, but I remember it being kind of rule of thumb that Saturn RPG games were priced comparable to SNES RPGs. Sega's systems always seemed to suffer from the fact that mainstream audience always seems to tout the other system's libraries, but for those that bother to look, they find that Sega's systems had some true gems (and I'm not limiting that statement to Saturn). By the way didn't notice this one mentioned, Mystara/Burning Heroes (SRPG). Its a bit clunky, but it was a pretty fun Shining Force style SRPG.
  6. I seem to recall that a number of the same people worked on both games. Considering the era, that game had one of the darker RPG stories as well.
  7. Pretty sure its not Scorpions either...doesn't sound like the singer, and the drums are too busy. Edit: o.O Uh damn, guys...I think its Pantera. If I'm right its a previously unreleased demo from Cowboys From Hell era, and its being released to be included on the new Pantera boxed set.
  8. Heh... the 8800s weren't too badly priced to begin with, if I recall correctly.
  9. My dad knows how to do that...but he was a career electrician, who learned that work from his dad, since his teens, and he just retired 2 years ago. On the other hand, He doesn't know how to put together a modern desktop (although that has more to do with him never having had to do it. If he wanted to learn, I could teach him myself pretty quickly, but seeing as how I know how, he doesn't have to learn ) He just says "Boy! Fix this thing." (I'm 32 and he still calls me "boy" )
  10. Nice. A surprising amount of Sega's Master System seems to be represented Some selections that I recalled, I was not expecting, either. Would I be correct in guessing there are no TG-16 selections, though? Oh, I managed to guess 28 of 50.
  11. This Saturday is the US premier of Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy, at the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago IL. Anyone else going?
  12. If I had a dollar for every time I've had that reaction happen after I mention the Master System. Then, they mistakenly think you're referring to the Genesis. Also, I remember Christmas, 1980. I was 5, and dad had bought the family an Atari 2600. It came with "Combat". He also bought "Space Invaders", and "Outlaw". Thus, an addiction was born. The RF switch that came with the system wasn't even automatic. You had to toggle a switch to change the signal so that you could play.
  13. I have a 1GB iPod shuffle. The On/Off button broke, and now its a glorified USB flash drive. bought an RCA pearl something or other.. has 512 MB of flash memory and a slot for a Mini Pro Duo memory card for expansion and USB plugin for file transfer. This thing cost me 30 USD, and seems capable of taking quite the beating. It does use batteries though (1 AAA=15 hrs of play time at a decent volume level. I intend to invest in rechargables).
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