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  1. It must, because I saw a tank in an Advanced game go down in only twenty seconds, with little damage from gunfire.

    Thank God...Tanks in advanced mode love gunning straight for me for some reason =(

  2. you sly creep

    I might say 15 if you still have the manual

    Haha XD.... Sure, its yours for 15 + 5 s/h, sounds reasonable considering like I stated before, it's like buying it brand new (because I bought it the weekend it came out), the case and all of its contents never saw the light of day and the game was beaten in 3 days and went back into the case

    Wait a minute...

    Ikaruga?! I'd totally make an offer, but I got recording equipment to get... :cry:

    How much for Ikaruga? I wouldn't mind finally getting it, since I've been looking for it like, forever.

    I got rid of Ikaruga as well, I'll update the list

  3. I think you're overthinking it. I don't think it's a satire. I think it's just a humorous game concept.

    It's possible. Or maybe I am just looking at it from a different viewpoint. Either way, like I said before, it's just my two cents =)

    It's just things like this make me lose faith in humanity as a whole. People like to go around and criticize other people when somebody does something worthwile, like make a video game, rather than go ut and put in work themselves. The sad thing is is that those people actually make headlines doing this. When people meddle around in other people's lives (she wasnt doing anything illegal or immoral, right?) and turn something so silly into unnecessary drama, I just can't help but to think of all the time that's invested into crying over the situation instead of doing something productive about the "problem" (like making a game themselves) so I just smile and think of Darwinism =)

    But hey, any publicity is better than none, right? Maybe she gets picked up by a developing company or something. Who knows?

  4. Some people just like complaining about things. I think it's a cool concept.

    Also commonly referred to as "Haters" =P

    Hmm, now I havent clicked the link or read all of the posts, so my opinion will be based off of the concept itself. Now that has been said, *ahem*:

    People are sensitive. Every time we mention something truthful about the state of our heatlh, race, sex, etc. People will label you accordingly as a rasict, prejudice, etc. Even if what you said applies somewhat to you, then you are a self-hating whatever you are speaking about; and unfortunately, this is the case.

    America is overloaded with unhealthy eating habits, we all know that. Our portions are cheap oversized heaps of the wrong kinds of foods loaded with sugars and/or "bad" fats; Our Nation's kids wear jeans that I can fit in. In my opinion, the designer of the game did this as a form of satire to show a sign of the times and people should take it with a grain of salt. But of course those special groups with nothing better to do than meddle in other people's lives instead of improving their own come running over the hill crying foul. I acknowledge that some people are obese because of genetics, medication, etc. But come on, not everybody walking God's green Earth is obese because of those reasons and my statements are not regarding that minority. Simply put, people eat too much of the wrong foods and are too stagnant to work it off, and therefore turn into huge, jiggly masses.

    I am 6'0" and weigh about 205 with an average build so I am no American Eagle model, and I like it that way. Personally, I love curvy women; Twigs and muffintops on the other hand, disgust me. But to each his own :)

  5. Terra / Kefka

    Or Sabin / Kefka (Sabin is just a much better fighter...)

    I dunno know about the rest of you, but fighting in esper form would rock imho

    FF1 would be Warrior / Garland

    FF2 would be... meh who the hell played that game anyway?

    FF3 would be Luneth / Zande

    FF5 Butz / Gilgamesh (not he final villain, but come on a TREE?)

    Fixed the FF3 for ya ;) well, except the fact that I never beat it (im at that Dark Knight cave for the first time and the boss quakes me to death lol. Im sure i need float but, i refuse to GameFAQ a game that is on my first playthrough) so I dont know who the final boss is for certain, but I would think Square would use the DS FF3 since they took the time to redo it, and is more recognizable and mainstream than NES FF3. Unless of course the fanbase wants NES FF3 Onion Knight and the corporate machine decides to listen (which is rare.) But my chips are still with Luneth and whoever the hell the last boss he faces.

    and FF5: X-Death in his regular form would still work quite well dont ya think?

  6. I don't think that's what Zombieforce had in mind...

    That said, I heard the speeds are pathetic. Not to mention I have too many GameCube games to beat as it is...

    Some games have a tendancy to go a tad slow, but there are ways to tweak it. In any case I did find my Broadband Adapter for the Gamecube, So I am selling PSO with the Adapter included at no extra cost.

  7. Er, the online servers have been shut down for more than a year.

    It is possible to play gamecube image files from your computer by making PSO think that your computer is the PSO server, and from there a program on your computer plays the image file to your gamecube. I am not saying how to do it or anything illegal, Im just saying its possible.

  8. I kinda want to check out phantasy star online... i don't have the gamecube broadband thingy though...:?

    I will search for my gamecube, as I have a broadband adapter and will be more than happy to sell it to you for an additional cost. I will also provide you with instructions for a way to do fun things besides playing PSO with your adapter and the game =)

  9. Yeah it's that time in my life. I noticed that all the money I spent beating games in as short as the same day, and as long as a week, just wound up collecting dust and doing nothing positive. So, before I put my items up on craigslist and ebay, I would like to give the OCRemix community a chance to find some games that you may have had your eye on, any resonable offer takes the items. I accept Paypal and Postal Money Orders. If you have any questions, feel free to PM or post here. Thanks for looking! =)

    Shipping will be a flat 5 dollars and delivered via USPS

    1) The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (GBC) *Like New*

    2) Pokemon Special Pikachu Edition + Pokemon Blue (GB) *No instruction manual*

    4) Tetris DX (GBA) *Like New*

    I'll update the list once I dig around some more, lol

  10. Anybody who calls themselves an otaku doesn't even know what the word means in Japan. That aside, roping people who watch anime into a group is so restricting. So, you watch a few cartoons from Japan--it's a little bit nichey, but how's it different compared to watching a TV show from Britain or Canada?

    Uh, in any case, I've not watched much anime or much TV in general lately. The last good series I've seen has to be The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

    Otaku (おたく or オタク, Otaku?) is a term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime and manga.

    As an honorific second-person pronoun

    Otaku is derived from a Japanese term for another's house or family (お宅, 御宅 otaku) that is also used as an honorific second-person pronoun. The modern slang form, which is distinguished from the older usage by being written only in hiragana (おたく) or katakana (オタク or, less frequently, ヲタク), or rarely in rōmaji, appeared in the 1980s. In the anime Macross first aired in 1982, the term was used by Lin Ming Mei as an honourific term. It appears to have been coined by the humorist and essayist Akio Nakamori in his 1983 series An Investigation of "Otaku" (『おたく』の研究, "Otaku" no Kenkyū?), printed in the lolicon magazine Manga Burikko, who observed that this form of address was unusually common among geeks, nerds and most notably, animationist like Haruhiko Mikimoto and Shōji Kawamori.[1] It was apparently a reference to someone who communicates with their equals using (unnecessarily) the distant and formal pronoun, and spends most of their time at home.

    Nakamori's publication

    The term entered general use in Japan around 1989, and may have been popularized by Nakamori's publication in that year of The Generation of M – We and Mr.Miyazaki (Mの世代-ぼくらとミヤザキ君, M no Sedai – Bokura to Miyazaki-kun?). It applied the term to the (then) recently caught serial killer Tsutomu Miyazaki (宮崎 勤), who turned out to be a recluse obsessed with pornographic anime and manga and who lived out his rape fantasies on young girls, thus attaching a huge taboo to a formerly innocuous term.

    In modern Japanese slang, the term otaku refers to fan of, or is specialized in any particular theme, topic, or hobby. Common uses are anime otaku (a fan of anime ) and manga otaku (a fan of Japanese comic books or manga), pasokon otaku (personal computer geeks), gēmu otaku (playing video games), and wota (pronounced 'ota', previously referred to as "idol otaku") that are extreme fans of idols, heavily promoted singing girls. There are also tetsudō otaku or denshamania (metrophiles) or gunji otaku (military geeks).

    (parts taken from the whole article on otaku at wikipedia)

    Sounds like he used it in the correct context as long as he is obsessed with it...

    Anyways I like some anime, but I don't make time for it anymore lol

    yay Naruto!

  11. I agree... to me this season so far is kind of a letdown. I think they should take a hiatus or something because it seems like they are taking too many things from real world events. For example, that whole Canada on strike/ Youtube episode had me bored, and now they did something interesting with the world with almost no internet, but they kind of dropped the ball in regards to the gimmicks (PORN GAGS LOL =/)and the ending (OHYEAHTHEINTERWEBZNETISAHOOGROUTERTHATGOTAWARNINGSHOTANDJUST NEEDEDTOBERESETHOWSIMPLEROFL)

    Yeah imma go watch the Brown Note episode.

  12. LOL. I've known about this going on like 10 months or so now.

    Mad rofflz

    So?.... =/

    Anyways the gameplay dosen't look THAT bad, but i never liked MK going 3D in the first place, it slowed the gameplay down too much IMO. But yeah, horrible, horrible corssover =P

    Also, LMAO @ the Fate of the Universe line XD

  13. oh no there are inconsistencies with the video game

    oh no they got the triforce on the wrong hand


    the mario bros. movie was awesome. you just have to take it for what it is. movies from games aren't supposed to be true to the video game down to every last detail. it's like, "oh hey, they made a movie out of one of the games I play. this will be interesting to see how they rendered it into a movie." EXPECT it to be different. if it sucks, then oh well, it sucks. it doesn't ruin the video game in any way.

    also the whole thing is obviously a very well done april fool's joke, but man, it still got me pumped. i would have loved to see this.

    I love you.

  14. i could give reasons but this is not called why i hate mario galaxy

    i stated VALID reasons why its not that good a while ago

    But to support my claim I would appreciate some of the reasons why you hate mario galaxy. Therefore it should not be off-topic, but as a supplement to my statement.

    If not that a link to your previous postings of your review, please.

  15. Anyone can say they don't like a game, and that's fine; they don't need to back up why they don't LIKE something. They should be perfectly free to say something like: "I don't know, I just didn't really like that movie/game/etc.. It doesn't interest me."

    HOWEVER, when a person says something is bad, then they NEED to give reasons why, or else they will just come off as ignorant trolls.

    and BTW, "mario doesn't look realistic" isn't a reason. ;)

    Yes, I was going to edit my post when you took the words out of my mouth. It's not like my friends would say "I don't know, I just didn't really like that movie/game/etc.. It doesn't interest me." They actually try and talk each other out of buying a game just because, to quote one friend in a discussion, "Too Mainstream"..... seriously, he didn't like one friend buying BioShock because it was "Too Mainstream", because the person buying BioShock didn't like the slow pacings and cult following of Shenmue (which is a legit reason imo, its a slow yet deep game) yet he loves his little emo Sephiroth and FF7... And another friend of mine won't like anything just because 2 friends of his like it( or he at least tries to put up a front, because he borrowed BioShock from them, and this is not the BioShock buying friend in the preceeding example btw.). The things that come out of peoples mouths sometimes, I swear...

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