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  1. I always do a minimum of two rhythm tracks panned hard left and right and played as separate takes. Solos go close to the center unless there's another guitar harmonizing; in that case, I usually pan the leads close to center or put the main melody dead center and offset the harmony in whichever direction needs the balance. When I'm harmonizing or just thickening rhythms, the additional parts go anywhere from 60-90% L and R depending on how much sonic space there is in the moment. These songs were both in the box:

    https://neutronstar.org/music/Steve_Pordon-Awkward_Boehner-02-Culte_des_Mortes_(Cerebral_Fix_cover).mp3 <-- 4-5 guitars in some of the outro sections

    Bonus: listen to the left and right channels of this song independently if you can. By the 25th measure he's running 6 panned guitars under the synths, bass, drums, and vox. Shit's on fire:

    Bonus bonus: https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/blut-aus-nord/the-meditant-dialogue-with-the-stars-tabs-1731120

  2. My shirt makes me look like a CGI rendering. Excellent. These video games are getting so realistic!

    EDIT: attaching original. The flash off my eyeballs and the head angle made me look like a zombie, but of course that didn't come through in the tiny avatar version.


  3. You can install alternative firmware and alternative viewer programs, which support epub, on the Kindle. I've done this, so it's as flexible as any other reader


    Yes, but then you're still supporting Amazon's decisions. Unless you buy one used from a third party.


    I'm happy with the Kobo so far. Crisp, easy to read, tons of settings to tweak. The downside compared to my tablet ebook app is that I can't easily categorize books, and it's comparitively slow. The display is much better for extended reading sessions, though.

  4. My Kobo Glo HD gets here tomorrow. Reviews are giving it an edge over Kindle Voyage, and Kindle doesn't support the open epub format. If you have lots of epub and enjoy spending time converting it to .mobi, Kindle might work for you. If you don't mind Amazon removing books you own from the device you own like they've done in the past, go Kindle. Otherwise literally anything else.


    This rant sponsored by Literally Anything Else .

  5. Depends on the song and the style. My music usually has a minimum of 4 or 5 main drumlines with fills and variations throughout. My last song had one main drumline because it's what the song needed.

    If you're trying to emulate a real drummer, figure out your groove and play along to the entire song "live" (even if it's just tapping out the kick and snare on your computer's keyboard), then go modify it afterwards with fills and quantization if you need it.

  6. I don't get the complaints about grinding. I'm L20 and have done no grinding whatsoever. The combat is too easy if anything.

    I really like the touch of the random enemies running away from you when you're more powerful. With most RPGs I'm yelling at the enemies: "really, level 1 bandit, you're going to engage an armed-to-the-teeth war party with your fucking toothpick? Stop wasting my time!" I should probably get out more.

  7. My son wants to cover a song with me. The original singer has a high voice, so it should be within his range, but I'm not a vocalist. Other than making him practice the song over and over, I'm going to do these things;

    1. Make him stand and aim the mic down at him to force him to open his throat and lungs more.

    2. Build a ghetto vocal iso booth around him with pillows and comforters on a frame.

    3. Many, many takes.

    4. Have him drink warm herbal tea before and during.

    Is there anything else I need to know?

  8. I just used some spoken word in a song (from a LibriVox audiobook, highly recommended for your sample needs). You'll want to slap some effects on it, reverb at a minimum. I used EQ, Waves Ultrapitch, ping-pong delay and reverb. If the meter of the sample is too different from your music, you'll need to do some precise wave editing to shorten or lengthen the spaces between words as needed.

  9. Plague Inc.


    Max Payne Mobile

    Sixaxis Controller




    Shredder Chess

    World of Goo

    Real Racing 2 (AI sucks, though)

    Mantano Reader Lite

    Perfect Viewer (comics)


    ES File Explorer

    Google Play Music


    Caustic (synth/DAW)


    Audio Evolution

    DroidDia (for charts, like Visio)

    Taptu (rss reader)


    Jorte calendar





    WiGLE Wifi Wardriving

    BBC News




    ForzaTune 4

    Hacker's Keyboard (also Swype)

    Liquor Run Mobile

    OpenTable (restaurant reservations)

    Shark (read Wireshark capture logs)

    Waze (GPS)


    GemRB lets you play Bioware's Infinity Engine games (i.e. Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape Torment). ON YOUR PHONE.

    You can play Star Control 2. ON YOUR PHONE.