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  1. Can't tell if Darke trolling or just doesn't remember who I am. <.<
  2. My shirt makes me look like a CGI rendering. Excellent. These video games are getting so realistic! EDIT: attaching original. The flash off my eyeballs and the head angle made me look like a zombie, but of course that didn't come through in the tiny avatar version.
  3. ...because I'm thinking of going. Unless there's a better way to meet you techno shits.
  4. I ended up buying a brand new Mesa Boogie MkV combo from Sweetwater, so I sincerely hope you didn't have an affiliate link with them.
  5. Yes, but then you're still supporting Amazon's decisions. Unless you buy one used from a third party. I'm happy with the Kobo so far. Crisp, easy to read, tons of settings to tweak. The downside compared to my tablet ebook app is that I can't easily categorize books, and it's comparitively slow. The display is much better for extended reading sessions, though.
  6. My Kobo Glo HD gets here tomorrow. Reviews are giving it an edge over Kindle Voyage, and Kindle doesn't support the open epub format. If you have lots of epub and enjoy spending time converting it to .mobi, Kindle might work for you. If you don't mind Amazon removing books you own from the device you own like they've done in the past, go Kindle. Otherwise literally anything else. This rant sponsored by Literally Anything Else .
  7. HOLY NECRO THREAD, BATMAN Any Sweetwater affiliation yet? Zzounds is great, but they don't carry what I'm looking for.
  8. Depends on the song and the style. My music usually has a minimum of 4 or 5 main drumlines with fills and variations throughout. My last song had one main drumline because it's what the song needed. If you're trying to emulate a real drummer, figure out your groove and play along to the entire song "live" (even if it's just tapping out the kick and snare on your computer's keyboard), then go modify it afterwards with fills and quantization if you need it.
  9. Absolutely. You know how to get ahold of me fast for future rants, right?
  10. I installed FL11 for a couple of hours, then grabbed the new instruments (kick drum, something else) from it, uninstalled, and went back to 10 until they release something that isn't a steaming heap of shit. No pattern blocks + headache-inducing blurry fonts that they say they will not drop = suck it, gol.
  11. ibaibaibaibaibaibaiba
  12. Nokia 3310 cellphone unusual enough for you? http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00872/
  13. I don't get the complaints about grinding. I'm L20 and have done no grinding whatsoever. The combat is too easy if anything. I really like the touch of the random enemies running away from you when you're more powerful. With most RPGs I'm yelling at the enemies: "really, level 1 bandit, you're going to engage an armed-to-the-teeth war party with your fucking toothpick? Stop wasting my time!" I should probably get out more.
  14. The way many pirate groups get ahold of legitimate software to crack is by purchasing it with stolen credit card numbers. If your region is one where there's been a lot of fraud in this area, software houses are going to ask for extra verification.