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  1. Hi Jeremy! Your music is very inspirational! I wouldn't buy a game unless it had your music in it! :) It would be a dream come true for me to write music as beautiful as yours! I would really like to get a chance to meet you and perhaps work on a musical idea together with you. If you'd like to hear some of my compositions, please visit reverbnation.com/xayberoptix. It would be an honor to hear what you have to say about my music. :) Feel free to contact me anytime. Wishing you all the best! Take care, Xay (aka XayberOptix)

  2. Dear Overclocked Remixers, I decided to create a "remix" for two reasons. First, I love Nobuo Uematsu. He was the whole reason I became a composer at Squaresoft many years ago. Secondly, I want to show my support for all of the great work that you, the remixers, are doing here and that your work and your enthusiasm is appreciated by many of us in the industry. We all strive to be our best and often, music can be a struggle. However, the love of music is why we are all here. On a technical note, my remix was done with both commercially available libraries (Gigastrings.com) and also propr
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