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  1. Bump again. :P

    Also, do we have a newbie version of "Rate That Sig"?

    I'm not a newbie per say, but I'm a little scared to go to the regular version for help.


    Adding your name could be a good start.

    Then, maybe you should crop it and only have the important things in it, like the house and the symbol for instance. The forest is pretty, but it's such a waste with alot of space.

    And for the finishing touch, add a border. And to explain it just in case: To get a border, go to Layer > Layer Style > Stroke, then choose to have it one the Inside.

    See? This is why I can't write good notes!

    I don't know how to take only that which is important out of the big picture. I see certain things I like, but what do I omit? How?

    Also, if you are saying that you think the forest is extrainious, what would you put in its place? Or are you saying this would be a whole lot smaller sig?

  2. How reworked does a picture have to be to qualify as a sig?

    Also, are all pics found on the internet fair game?

    A picture doesn't nessisarily need to be reworked at all. Just something someone can use for a sig on the spot or add their name to it and make it their own sig.

    Pictures found on the internet are fair game, mainly because this is not for profit. But also because I've used piccs from websites in sigs and I nnever thought about them not being fair game.

    So one does not need to ask or inform the artist that you are useing thier work?

    Specificly, I am speaking of webcomics and deviantART. No one will flame?

  3. 1: I've had a copy of it for a long time now and love it to the max. The second verson? OH DEAR LORD! I don't cuss but that was way beyond cuss worthy. If that version was ever sent to the radio or whatever, they would kick you even before the second verse. At very least if they had heard the first version before that. No offense, but why did you do it? Do the spew ( :vomit: ) doesn't do justice. You get past the intro and... what happened to the volume? Go on and a chunk of the lyrics has been instrumented out. There's a ding in there that sounds like you had an error message pop up.

    Beside all that, the life is gone from it. Is there a copy of the original on the site too? Haven't looked yet but there needs to be. Sorry about the bad review but I was truely forcing myself to hear the whole thing.

    So I end with...

    The first one was phenominal stick with that one.

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