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  1. The whole 'dubstyle' fad that's caught fire with every would be filth-monger seems astoundingly... shallow... to me.

    And it also seems stranger for ocremix with this concept of quality and originality would just slide them on through.

    I'll admit that PrototypeRaptor's 'Nullification' was of amazing quality. I will delightedly admit as well that the whole track was Zelda before Dubstep.

    This track though, it feels like OCR circa 2002 not in the nastolgic hidden gem sort of way, but more of the standards have risen since then way.

    And that was the short ramblings of a longtime lurker.

  2. An exceptionally obscure MMORTS from the olden days.

    It even spent a little time on megastore shelves, but the developers ran the game into the ground in quick fasion.

    Its available free to play right now, wherein lurk a small number of diehard zombies.

    Some Audio Examples.

    I would love for my old memories of it not being its slow painful death.


  3. Heres a classic series with plenty of well earned nastolga and little quality representation in OCR.

    In all seriousness the stuff we DO have probably wouldn't have half a chance of passing today, even pretzel's is notably aged.

    At any rate, I would be glad if something from any game in the series came out, but my best memories come from good old Gradius 3 on my lovely SNES.

    The genre wouldn't really matter as long as it felt as epic as the game could sometimes, filling my head with sound as the game was filled with my laserbeams!

    Ah good memories.

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