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  1. In search of a vibraphone. Same sound as the one in When It Falls by Zero 7 or Instant Death by Beastie Boys.

    *edit* Listening to When It Falls I guess it's not a vibraphone, probably an e-piano. I would still like to have an e-piano like that. And still the vibraphone from Instand Death.

  2. EDIT: AAAARGH!!!! I just spent like seven minutes typing this, (I type slowly... sue me) and then someone else gets there first, and says the same with about a third of the stuff I wrote.

    Hahaha. Marg>Nemba.

    Here's some useful EQing stuff.

    But I suck at EQ. That's one of the reasons that I will never get an ocremix to pass here...


  3. I'll give you the noobified answer, because I'm still learning everything FL. And it sucks cause I had to teach myself everything...

    Automation is predetermined control of the various knobs and switches and effects. You can either do things like record the actions you perform with the record button, or you can edit the events of each and every action with a pretty basic editor, which is the event editor.

    You use a graph-like interface to control things like knobs. Once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy.

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