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  1. Just to clarify: I don't JUST nominate Egypt to troll. It's partly trolling and partly to do something else that isn't arena or payload or dustbowl. Seriously some nights it feels like all we do is a cycle of arena -> goldrush -> dustbowl in some kind of weird TF2 map purgatory. I'm aware Egypt is a bad map but at least Egypt is a different map.
  2. I dunno. Having a wall nearby helps a lot. Mostly I think it's my overwhelming desire to smash faces in with the homewrecker combined with brain slug's urgings to sacrifice in the name of Czernobog. Or it could be lots and lots of luck. P.S. first time quoting ever, be honored. P.P.S. BRAIN SLUG!!
  3. My lack of comma use in game finally bites me in the ass.
  4. I think I qualify as a career spy. You guys can judge how good I am (I'll still play spy though). Class limits wouldn't really bother me because I'm fine playing non-spy classes. Steamrolls only bother me if it is due to my team being genuinely bad as opposed to the other team being really good. Also this is !! if you weren't sure. Also crits are fun and so is arena. Also [...] = best (joke) clan ever. JOIN NOW!!
  5. Garian gave me a beta key and I just finished installing. Some of you know me as !! from TF2 so feel free to hit me up on steam. I played DotA a bit on WC3 but I wasn't very good.
  6. Brushfire = king of all nerds. I didn't vote for him. LONG LIVE THE KING!!
  7. Dear people I play TF2 with, I got the fedora today! Love, !!
  8. Cookies!! Brushfire is back!! Hydro wasn't that bad!! We need more pipeline!!
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