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  1. Culex from Super Mario RPG

    I have never beat him/her (i dont know what it is).

    Equip Peach with the Lazy Shell Armor so she only takes 1HP of damage from anything. That way she can constantly heal when needed. Is Culex that dude from that one weird room? The guy who says he's from another world? If so...


    Culex is a crossover character from Final Fantasy (remember, Square made Mario RPG). It looks similar to Astos from FF1, and it has the Four Crystals from the first five games. Also, after you win, the classic Final Fantasy Victory Fanfare plays.

  2. I think this is an awesome mix. Great job with the techno/rave remix of the Psycho Soldier theme. What's bugging me right now is I know I heard this before coming here. What I can't remember is if I heard it on a CD or if I just downloaded it looking for SNK themes. :oops:

    Does anyone know where I can find a decent copy of the original arrangement?

    I believe the arranged theme appears on the KoF '96 Arranged soundtrack. A slower version appears on the KoF '97 Arranged soundtrack.

  3. I personally don't like the little bit at the beginning before you go into the actual battle theme. While nice in and of itself, it doesn't give that feeling of sudden crisis that battle music should. Otherwise an awesome piece. Good to hear some pure piano. What would've made me really happy would've been if you would've ended the piece with the Victory Fanfare, but that's mostly cause I really love that piece, no one's remixed it yet, and I don't have clue one how to remix stuff.

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