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  1. My only complaint about this song is I can't even figure out which song in the game it's based off of. Otherwise it's a nice tune.
  2. Very nice job. It makes me picture a scene where Megaman's feeling down and almost unwilling to go on or something. Just has a really nice melancholy feel to it.
  3. Here's what we should do. We should have AE finish up the rest of the Megaman 2 soundtrack (he's already halfway there), then patch the music into a ROM and listen to all of AE's mixes instead of the game music. Just a perfect job on here, just like all the others.
  4. Bombman was always one of my favorite stage themes in the whole Megaman series, and Injury's done the tune great justice with her remix. I've ended up listening to the tune for a good 10 minutes straight without even realizing it. This is the kind of stuff I look for in remixes: songs that hold true to the original tune. Great, great work!
  5. Equip Peach with the Lazy Shell Armor so she only takes 1HP of damage from anything. That way she can constantly heal when needed. Is Culex that dude from that one weird room? The guy who says he's from another world? If so... SPOILER Culex is a crossover character from Final Fantasy (remember, Square made Mario RPG). It looks similar to Astos from FF1, and it has the Four Crystals from the first five games. Also, after you win, the classic Final Fantasy Victory Fanfare plays.
  6. Goenitz: King of Fighters '96 That bastard can play keep away with his tornadoes, he has unlimited supers, and he can block at a moment's notice.
  7. I love this remix. It converts the song to a techno track, but stays true to Frog's Theme more than the other remixes. Keep up the good work, man!
  8. Not bad, not bad. I downloaded the song hoping it was an arrangement of the Frog Theme, but found out it was a techno remix. Still a decent and original remix. Just wish someone would do an arrangement.
  9. Perfect. Just perfect. This is exactly how I always wanted the MM2 theme to sound, and you pulled it off perfectly. Awesome job, Starla! Your new task: do the rest of the soundtrack!
  10. As an independent piece of music, this is very well-done. However, you have to listen really closely in order to pick out the reference to the PS theme. I would've liked this much more if it would've kept closer to the original theme. Still, this is a great independant creation, so good job.
  11. Exactly how I expected this to sound in a non-MIDI setting. Great job, man. Keep up the good work!
  12. I think this is an awesome mix. Great job with the techno/rave remix of the Psycho Soldier theme. What's bugging me right now is I know I heard this before coming here. What I can't remember is if I heard it on a CD or if I just downloaded it looking for SNK themes. I believe the arranged theme appears on the KoF '96 Arranged soundtrack. A slower version appears on the KoF '97 Arranged soundtrack.
  13. You managed to capture the very essence of Shadow's character. The dark and brooding tone with a whistful undertone at the beginning shows Shadow's near-dead emotion, and the hard, garbled guitar at about 1:45 represents Shadow's constant confusion and mental anguish. That's how it came across to me, at least. Awesome, awesome job.
  14. Great job, man. I just love the spin you've put on the Dancing Mad parts. Now we just need the Kefka battle, and I'll be a very happy person.
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