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  1. I like the game and think this is a good song to remix.
  2. This song relaxes me. Do you think it deserves a remix?
  3. Well I would like to hear about it.
  4. I thought that at this point we would have remixed a song from that nice dog. Mostly I was hoping for something like Rockin' K.K. or K.K. Condor or something.
  5. What I mean is ones that get me all misty for some reason. The one's I'm thinking is the end credit songs of Yoshi's story and the first mario party.
  6. Moving along, any mixers gonna try this?
  7. Fire It Up Cheat on the Church Caveman Rejoice Eureka, I've Found Love All of This Behind the Mask The Breaking Wheel Callout Decontrol Even Rats Farewell Myth Fly on the Wall Get Ready 2 Rokk Guitar Hero Hey Sail Your Ship By Story of my Love
  8. Guitar hero 2: 1. Drist - "Arterial Black" 2. Anarchy Club - "Collide" 3. That Handsome Devil - "Elephant Bones" 4. Valient Thorr - "Fall Of Pangea" 5. Vagiant - "FTK" 6. Brian Kahanek - "Gemini" 7. Buckethead - "Jordan" 8. The Acro-Brats - "Laughtrack" 9. Freezepop - "Less Talk More Rokk" 10. Shadows Fall - "The Light That Blinds" 11. The Amazing Royal Crown - "Mr. Fix-it" 12. Every Time I Die - "The New Black" 13. Breaking Wheel - "One For The Road" 14. The Neighborhoods - "Parasite" 15. Bang Camaro - "Push Push (Lady Lightning)" 16. Count Zero - "Radium Eyes" 17. The Last Vegas - "Raw Dog"
  9. I was thinking the original bonus songs in retro video game style. NES since that's my favorite.
  10. http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/snes/rattle.mid This song just says party! I was hooked on it since I first heard it! MUST REMIX!!!!
  11. I can't stand it! I need a remix of this. Hopefully and rock remix.
  12. That's kool! BTW, do you know about it's subliminal message?
  13. Interesting song that need a remix! Eh?
  14. Keeping it open what other songs on the wii can we remix?
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