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  1. I figured Valve lied about the reason they didn't add Snowplow. ...its really because Snowplow is a terrible map. cp_snowplow does give you additional time when you capture points. Pop quiz: How much time does it give you? *plays Jeopardy theme* Give up? Well, the correct answer is... it depends. It appears to remove 10% from the train destruction bar and resets the current timer. Which means it adds 30-60 seconds to the timer depending on what the current timer had. Did I mention A/D CP and PL maps traditionally add 300 seconds to the clock for a point capture? Anyway, the train destruction mechanic seems to be a fancy/broken version of the standard CP timer system. I say broken because it randomly disappears from the stock HUD and the time added doesn't seem to be correct... 30-60 seconds is way too short an amount of time to add. Incidentally, why has no one reported the Beggar's Bazooka bug shown in that video to Valve?
  2. Cauldrons always have one Strange Haunted item with counters on it that only work on the new map. Or so I think... both of mine had one at any rate (one all-class, one Medic). Speaking of which, you can also get a second cauldron by doing the Carnival Of Carnage: Bumper To Bumper To Bumper achievement... and a Necro Smasher all-class-except-Spy melee weapon for doing Carnival Of Carnage: Step Right Up (which requires 4 achievements). These achievements were so easy, I did almost all of them all in one night. At the moment, Windows servers seem to be having some issues. Not sure if it's because of SourceMod or not, but hit registration seems to be all over the place. My Linux Halloween server seems to be unaffected, but it also has SourceMod disabled because I expected major issues like previous years. Incidentally, there are some new SourceMod builds which may fix some things.
  3. If SourceMod can't find a maplist file specified in configs/maplists.cfg, it will instead show a list of all the maps present on the server... including the background map. Perhaps one of the maplists has tc_hydro.bsp instead of tc_hydro?
  4. I meant 4558 (sourcemod-1.6.2-git4558), which came out yesterday evening.
  5. Yes. We need to install SourceMod 1.6.2-hg4885 to fix admin privileges.
  6. So, I unboxed an Unusual Taunt yesterday. Unusual Taunt: Battin' a Thousand with Fountain of Desire effect. Looks like this.
  7. I noticed something missing from this update notes. Mainly the part where it should say that the Reserve Shooter is getting a nerf when the Pyro uses it. Anyway, back to pushing out new a PropHunt configuration. Now that PropHunt is on my watch, we're going to make sure that new weapons are nerfed as appropriate as soon as they come out.
  8. That's OK, I had back to back meetings today and found out about this update right before leaving work... and was going out to dinner before work. Luckily, the only thing that broke on any of my plugins was fixed in a SourceMod gamedata update (PropHunt's self-damage / fly).
  9. Incidentally, you should really install the latest MapChooser Extended tf.txt on OCR's server in the addons/sourcemod/configs/mapchooser_extended/maps/ folder so it stops considering maps added in the past year or so to be custom maps. Oh, and I recently updated MapChooser Extended to fix a double nomination bug (also present in the SourceMod MapChooser) and a potential off-by-one error in the nominations count when using NativeVotes.
  10. I alerted Bahamut and GameMaster about this already on Steam... I figured they'd do something about it, but when it wasn't mentioned in this thread, I figured I'd better mention it here too...
  11. I should point out that the new QuickPlay rules went into effect today. This includes kicking players for reserved slots, so if OCR is still in the QuickPlay rotation and reserved slots are still on, the server is violating the rules and needs the following cvar set: tf_server_identity_disable_quickplay 1 Incidentally, I wrote a quick web page to allow server owners to register server accounts since Valve hasn't made one yet (it just sends a POST request to their WebAPI). the steamid it gives you back needs to be put in the server's autoexec.cfg using the sv_setsteamaccount command.
  12. I've spent a lot of time since July fixing a bunch of bugs in Prop Hunt and adding a new feature or two. So, why am I mentioning this? Because I was talking with a few people about this on OCR and they were saying that we should have a Prop Hunt night some time. What would be a good day/time to do something like this? Since I develop PropHunt, I have a more-or-less permanent Prop Hunt server running at tf2.rbemrose.com:27015 (hosted in Chicago) so finding a PH server isn't an issue.
  13. By the way, since there was a TF2 update yesterday, someone might want to update the server. Also, since I'm now on a 4 day weekend (advantage of working for government), who's up for MvM? I don't think I have Lyrai (or is that Utsuho now?) on my friends list...
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