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  1. Thank you! I was MrNemo here on OC Remix before I was Rush Coil. Please tell others if you like it.

    Wow, you weren't kidding. The ones I've been posting are pretty straightforward 8-bit covers, but this guy's rearrangements could be an actual game soundtrack. Easily worth $3.
  2. I'm entering the competition. I basically did a video game remix. Jeez... I wonder how many people are entering. I wonder if the band will even listen to 5% of them... I know the email address for submissions is a marketing company, so I assume someone is weeding out the crap and the joke entries.

  3. Hello,

    I haven't been on OCREMIX in FOREVER. I OC remixed Nightmare King's Dream, from Little Nemo the Dream Master. I have a link here to a song I am working on for the last level of a new game. Any criticism would be welcome, as my ears are toast. The last bit is pretty much crap until I can replace it, but I have some ideas for the next transition that should sound cool. I just need some help with ideas for this one from you guys, like the mix, sounds, anything. Thank you so much!


    Mr. Nemo

  4. Some of the dissonant tone placement choices in the first part of the track sound a bit ear-bending, but the second part of the track has a lot of soul. I also think the description of the track is a bit misleading because I thought I would hear some real slap bass, but the bass is well sequenced, as is the whole song. The flute solo near the end is pretty cool, and well programmed. Pretty cool, love the wah guitar too.

  5. Very great remix. Really great ideas, but the distorted sound of the mix sounds more like a digital track peaking out than a song with purposely distorted drums. Otherwise, I think it is awesome, and I seem to be the only one who thinks the track sounds like digital distortion rather than overdrive distortion, but who am I to judge what form of purposely "distorting" a piece of music sounds better, right?

  6. At this point, enough has been said about this song, good and bad. The song may have a place in OC Remix history, but I can't see why so many find it so amusing. I did find one part funny- right after he says Zelda the first time, and this scream of horror is heard in the background. I would usually say the rest is pretty forgettable, but unfortunately, due to the fact that I listened to it about 40 times trying to "get it," I will never forget the sound of my groin... I mean his groin. Err... the song. Dammit, you people are right, it is unforgettable.

  7. This, I think, is the best song I've heard on OC Remix so far. The professionalism displayed, the talent, the attention to every detail, every effect, every unsuspected sweep, jingle bell, everything... I am just amazed by this effort. I applaud anyone who spends this much time perfecting a song; I hope to one day approach this caliber of arrangement and sequencing. Serious ear candy.

  8. Pretty cool tune. DJ Pretzel wrapped most thoughts up in the description. The out of tune guitar is only annoying because it is so pronounced, and while the tune is giant and dramatic (sounds perfectly in tune in the later sections), the thin guitar almost makes it sound like a parody of a Bruckheimer film. Regardless, you can tell both artists are incredibly talented and that a lot of work went into this tune. I think it deserves high marks for effort.

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