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  1. Butcher is actually cake to farm provided you have enough DPS to kill him before the enrage timer goes off. All of his attacks have huge windups and are easy to dodge, with the exception of the AoE multiple hook attack. If you can live through that, you're golden.

    Its more of a soft enrage. Not because your dps is low, although it can definitely contribute. When the Butcher gets to about 25-30% he ignites 6-7 floor panels at a time. That's why you hold off for a little bit on damage until your 2min cooldowns are back then go for the kill.

  2. Killed Maghara in Act 2 Inferno. What a pain in the rear trying to get through all those bees. But progress is being made and I spent about 350k on the AH upgrading some gear.

    New 2H Axe is beastly and it has this awesome blue lightning enchant.

    1179.8 DPS

    990-1370 Damage

    1.0 Speed

    +275-497 Lightning Damage

    +46% Weapon Damage


    My current build for getting through Act 2. I'm surprised how good Overpower is... I never really used it up until now and it does amazing healing let alone damage as an AOE.

  3. Damage scaling is huge problem for melee. If I could glass cannon I would. As it stands I have 2 attack abilities, and four defensive abilities, and all of my passives are defensive.

    So what you say is maybe true for ranged, but Act 2 is just brutal on my Monk. I've ventured into Act 2, but unless I get a really easy set of affixes on champ packs I just don't have the gear for it.

    I sacrificed about 14k health, and 4k dps just to get 60% resist all, 70% dmg reduction from armor, and about 40% dodge. (I'm not really trying for dodge)

    I am now finally in a place where I can farm 99% of what Act 1 Inferno throws at me. However in all my runs I have only seen 1 drop that has been an actual upgrade that helps me gear up for Act 2. What I need to start dropping is armor with dex, vit, and strong resists. Unfortunately what I need for my weapon, rings, and amulet involve atk speed which either comes in it's magic form with one other stat, or goes on the AH for 500,000 - 1,000,000 gold.

    Almost everything I have has been bought through the AH. I have a legendary helm that was given to me that is pretty good, but the resistances on it are too low for me to keep it. I feel like every piece I have needs to have resist all or poison resist, but how low can I let my dps fall before it's all moot.

    The reason the invisible hydras in Act 2 and the phase beasts in Act 3 are such a problem for ranged is that they can't kite them. With melee that doesn't really matter because you don't really have the option to kite in the first place. Sure there are some positioning tricks, but those don't matter when you are getting two shot.

    So for now I am stuck farming act 1 until I get some decent rare drops with enough vit, dex, and resistance to upgrade my chromatic magic items.

    To be honest I am sick of farming Act 1 already (doesn't help I've farmed the Skeleton King for months in the Beta). I am just about to call it quits until the first balance patch rolls through.

    You won't farm gear in A1 that lets you progress through A2 and beyond. It's a completely unrealistic goal, and that's part of the problem. What may be vaguely possible is to farm money for weeks and weeks to buy the gear, but the gear that allows you to go further costs several millions per piece.

    My barbarian is in that realm now: 10500 armor, 48000 life, 800ish in all resists, full defensive build, and I get killed in seconds even in the very beginning of A2. It's untankable for me. Yet the only things that are really upgrades for me are things like high-block Stormshield, 20% String of Ears, and perfect rares. They all cost up to or more than 10m per piece. It could take me many months of just running the fucking Butcher to get there, and that's simply not an acceptable expectation to impose on any player. As far as I can tell from my thorough stream-watching and research, the only barbarians who get to play in the later acts are people who have been absurdly lucky and found several multi-million gold items that let them gear up, or people like Kripparrian who have a dedicated team of 16h/day pro-gamers carrying him through content and spoonfeeding him everything he needs.

    As it stands, it is effectively impossible to play through inferno as a melee class, it takes a completely unreasonable amount of time farming or the kind of luck with drops that one in a hundred thousand players have. With average farming luck and nobody to babysit you through the game, it looks like it'll take many months of farming just to get the gear that lets you start the journey. It would be retarded of me to stick with my barbarian for any other reason than an illogical desire to play a barbarian, because I could roll a ranged class and get way, way richer because I could be farming the later acts and doing it with 100k dps instead of 10k. You've probably seen the videos; Athene's DH kills inferno Diablo in 2 minutes, Krip's barbarian does it in 20. That's a serious problem and one that makes it literally and tangibly not worthwhile to play a melee class. There's a huge opportunity cost because the ranged classes make you so much richer.

    3-Blacksmith and JC Prices nerfed Now this one I disagree with. Contrary to what everyone thinks, I believe the BS and JC are fine as they are. The problem isn't that they are too expensive to level and craft, the problem is that the gold Auction House is just giving really easy access to items with great stats.

    The problem is not so much the direct price (though they are still a bit high) but the ludicrous amount of ingredients required to craft a high level item. I've got recipes that require more than 20 essence! Are they fucking mad? 20, plus another 50k on top along with rare mats, to roll the dice on something that will 80% be garbage, especially when I can buy a much better fit on the AH?

    I don't think they'll find people crafting those high level items for anymore than 20-40k total cost, including all materials (which in inferno are currently selling for 2000 each).

  4. Unless you're overgeared, around hell difficulty it's pretty expected that you'll die a couple of times to the more bullshit elites, but they can usually still be taken down.

    On Inferno you basically have to get super lucky to face elites that you can actually take down at all, otherwise you're forced to either restart the map or try to run past.

    Get about 300 to Resistance All.

    Something a lot of people dont understand is that +Resistance All includes physical damage. Having near 66% reduction to all damage + armor + talents made the game so much easier. I went from dying every 2-3 pulls to pulling 4-5 mobs at once.


    To explain my build I'll discuss why I chose the talents I did.

    Frenzy with Vanguard: 15% movement speed, this is very useful not only for trying to run past content if need be, but it helps to kill anything at ranged that tends to run away. For one reason alone, using Revenge. You cant heal what you cant hit.

    Revenge with Provocation: Absolutely mandatory to survive. Not only does it heal for obscene amounts of health if you have packs on you, its also my number one AoE.

    Furious Charge with Dreadnought: I can heal for up to 13-20k if I aim my charge correctly. Not only does it help escape or run to mobs, it stuns and it also allows for you to escape when jailed.

    Ignore Pain and Iron Hide: Use when cycling with leap for sustained damage reduction. Cycle between the 400% armor and the 65% damage reduction. Also a good time to try and heal while it is active. Or when you get stuck in a desecrate you cant get out of.

    Leap and Iron Impact: Not only can you escape wallers, if you time the leap correctly you can also jump to avoid frozen. You also leap down one story to lower platforms to run away and heal or skip content. Using leap in that way can make it easy to kite if youre in a group.

    War Cry and Impunity: The glyph is what makes it really strong especially for those that have low resistance gear, increasing the amount by 50% for the whole duration. When you include the Inspiring Presence passive for healing you'll make yourself able to kite more since youll be healing while running and not always reliant on Charge or Revenge Procs. Plus it heals your whole group for the duration as long as they are in 50 yards.

  5. The new crafting system is great, albeit maybe too easy to powerlevel. I've gotten both smithing and enchanting up to around 80 now. Made some special enchanted gear pieces with 15-20% improved smithing results on each piece, which all stack. I wore them while crafting and improving ebony armor in addition to drinking a blacksmith potion with an additional 40%, resulting in my ebony armor and weapons nearly doubling in stats.

    Yeah about 5000x Iron Daggers and Leather Helms. The thing with crafting is that no matter what level you are each one made gives the same amount of experience. You can literally level to 100 within an hour or two depending on how much cash you have.

    And the shopkeepers restock their money and goods every 48 hours, so you just rest for a bit and hit the old grindstone again. Its kind of game breaking that you can be so powerful so early on, but that is what the difficulty settings are for.

    EDIT: Steam updated Skyrim today. The update was only designed to ensure that Steam couldn't be bypassed by launching the game directly from TESV.exe. However it also breaks any modifications to that .exe file, including the popular Large Address Aware patch.


  6. There is also unfortunately a lot of confusion, which hopefully will help clear up. The bottom line is that at present the game can definitely be made to look nicer, but some things like texture quality can't be improved much more regardless of tweaking. Some people have misinterpreted the answers extracted from this old interview with Bethesda to mean that a high-res texture pack will be released. That's not what they said: "The PC version also gets higher res textures, larger render modes, and a bunch of other effects you can scale up if your machine is a beast." They were talking about the features of the game prior to its release, so these are already incorporated into Skyrim on PC.

    In terms of performance, there are a wide range of tradeoffs, tips and recommendations, but let's be clear: Skyrim is a CPU-limited game, which is why there are slowdowns in certain areas.

    Performance articles show it, but let me demonstrate it on my own i7 920/GTX 580 system. To save time I'll spell out the result: at all three resolutions, FPS fluctuates around 28-30. In fact if I go from 8x MSAA to no MSAA, the result is still the same. This is a classic example of a CPU bottleneck. And even with the relatively poor textures and shadows, I've also seen my Video RAM usage rise to in excess of 1GB after only a few minutes of gameplay at Ultra settings, not including any extra tweaks. The fact that it performs much more smoothly than previous Bethesda games tends to indicate that the setting tradeoffs built into the PC version of the Creation Engine are not so bad despite the game's console-based heritage.

    Update: For people still not clear on what this all means - Skyrim only runs on the equivalent of 2 CPU cores; it cannot use more than 2 threads, so performance is CPU-limited. Also a heads-up that places like PC Gamer have widely misreported the VSync tweak I posted earlier. To disable VSync you must add iPresentInterval=0 under [Display] in Skyrim.ini, not SkyrimPrefs.ini, otherwise it won't work. Alternatively you can enable Triple Buffering, but that uses more VRAM, which is why disabling VSync is the easiest solution. Either way, it is a necessary step as VSync actually reduces overall FPS, not just caps it.

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