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  1. Wasn't a huge fan of XII so I have low expectations for XIII. Many of these early reviews are getting caught up on how linear the game is but I personally couldn't give a stuff about that. I can't remember a single open world game that had a storyline I could remember. What I am worried about though is the battle mechanic, I didn't like it in XII so I don't have high hopes here. Though I'd have to admit, part of the reason I didn't like XII was because the storyline didn't catch me and I didn't enjoy the music (not that Sakimoto hasn't done an awesome job in other games). If those were better I would've put up with the battle mechanic and seeing as XIII's story seems more epic and the music a lot better, hopefully I'll be happy.

    I'll still get it on the first day, just hope it's money well spent.

  2. Freespace 2's source code was released, and modders and fans upped the graphics quite a bit.

    Freespace 2 is a darn pretty game even before the source code project. But yeh, can't go wrong with Freespace.

    i should point out that i'm primarily a more modern gamer. the reason i was asking about freespace is because that's a stretch for me - 2003 is a loooong way back =)

    The thing about space sims is, the genre died out a while ago. Will rarely find any of em nowadays and even if you do, a lot of the time they're just not awesome enough to merit playing. You'll have to settle with older space sims if you want the good ones.

  3. PC version annoys me somewhat having to pause the game all the time to micromanage and all. Seeing as there are only a limited number of tactical slots, can't let the AI tactics take care of both the healing and attacking. It does work better than the FFXII system though, hated that one.

    Also wish there was an interface customisation option. I'm not too good at paying attention to the battle and the party's health bars at the same time.

  4. That said, I predict CoD8 PC (if it's even released on PC at all) will disable mouse & kb support for an "equal" experience.

    Haha, that's so true. I'd probably kill myself if that happened to all FPS's though, part of the reason I'm still a PC gamer is because I don't like aiming with a controller.

    In terms of this whole fiasco, this whole thing is an obvious fail (despite some of you seemingly defending it on its "merits" which confuses me slightly) but I don't think there's much point in debating it, Activision are pricks and they're gonna implement it regardless. Maybe back in the day when PC gamers ruled, yeh, complaining about it would've brought about change but 1. this is activition and 2. there aren't enough hardcore PC gamers who care left in the world to change their minds. Truth is, a good chunk of PC gamers nowadays will accept it regardless whether it be because they're too young to remember the days when PC gaming was awesome or because they just don't care anymore. Even the gaming media don't care anymore. Example - when was the last time anyone reviewed the PC version of a multiplatform game first? Not for a long time, that's when.

    I'm gonna ignore the game (or at most not bother buying it until it's cheap) not because I'm trying a futile boycott but because it'll stop me from getting pissed off. No point whining about a game you don't own right? (at least for me anyway). As of this moment in time, I couldn't give a rat's ass if Activision and IW just gave up making games for the PC altogether.

  5. I love being an Australian gamer. Our government keeps our minds so well protected by not giving games an R rating. Inconsistency you say? NO, not the OFLC, they'll never give one game a rating of MA which is clearly more brutal and violent than a game they just banned. Of course it's ok to have an R rating for movies and not games, it's not like the average age of gamers in Australia is 30 or anything. The OFLC knows EXACTLY what's best for us......

    I fucking hate the OFLC.

  6. Are you kidding me? He mews and goes from long to short while floating around. It's absolutely adorable. :3

    And while I'm here, Challenge 4-9 is kicking my ass. I would really like to figure it out, but can't seem to distract that witch for the life of me. Any ideas? PM me if you have to. I've been trying for a day to pull it off, and grrrrrrrrrr.

    You can wall her off. Use a bridge ladder as a bridge to get you and the knight across and let the knight do his thing. Next, summon a wall. Wait until she's right up against the left wall and then place the wall you just summoned right next to her. Now, put that bridge ladder from before on top of both walls which will serve as both a bridge to get across to the princess and a lid to keep the witch from doing anything to you. Now use a trampoline to get up to the second level. Use the trampoline again to get up the wall and cross the bridge ladder to the princess. Voila, 3 moves. Because the AI is a bit of a retard when it comes to following you, it might be a bit fiddly getting the knight to jump on the trampoline with you. Also, the knight has a habit of bumping the bridge ladder so that the witch gets exposed but this method works 8/10.

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