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  1. *Puts hand up*. I love the sound of fresh strings. Not good enough to write anything, just use it to play whatever nice song I hear.
  2. Quite a few of em floating around in my head. The one that stands out the most is Stargoose cuz I remember playing it quite often. Super Mario Bros and the very first Zelda are also tucked in my memory but I'm not sure which of the three came first.
  3. I'm 24 and can hear all the tones (with headphones on though, can only go up to 20 with speakers).
  4. A lot of those mixes were quite awesome indeed.
  5. Wasn't a huge fan of XII so I have low expectations for XIII. Many of these early reviews are getting caught up on how linear the game is but I personally couldn't give a stuff about that. I can't remember a single open world game that had a storyline I could remember. What I am worried about though is the battle mechanic, I didn't like it in XII so I don't have high hopes here. Though I'd have to admit, part of the reason I didn't like XII was because the storyline didn't catch me and I didn't enjoy the music (not that Sakimoto hasn't done an awesome job in other games). If those were better
  6. Freespace 2 is a darn pretty game even before the source code project. But yeh, can't go wrong with Freespace. The thing about space sims is, the genre died out a while ago. Will rarely find any of em nowadays and even if you do, a lot of the time they're just not awesome enough to merit playing. You'll have to settle with older space sims if you want the good ones.
  7. Now that is very impressive.
  8. Screw giving, I'm buying myself some games.
  9. Depends on how queer the males look. The best example I think thing of are probably the Paragons in Guild Wars. They run around with a fair bit of skin showing and I'd prefer not to be looking at that all day. Apart from that, it's usually a male though there are some circumstances I'll choose a female toon for no good reason.
  10. PC version annoys me somewhat having to pause the game all the time to micromanage and all. Seeing as there are only a limited number of tactical slots, can't let the AI tactics take care of both the healing and attacking. It does work better than the FFXII system though, hated that one. Also wish there was an interface customisation option. I'm not too good at paying attention to the battle and the party's health bars at the same time.
  11. Been staring at the steam page for a while deciding whether I want it or not. Just doesn't appeal to me for some reason. Dunno, guess I'm just sorta over the whole medieval fantasy genre or something.
  12. Gamespot, IGN, 1UP, Actiontrip and Kotaku.
  13. Haha, that's so true. I'd probably kill myself if that happened to all FPS's though, part of the reason I'm still a PC gamer is because I don't like aiming with a controller. In terms of this whole fiasco, this whole thing is an obvious fail (despite some of you seemingly defending it on its "merits" which confuses me slightly) but I don't think there's much point in debating it, Activision are pricks and they're gonna implement it regardless. Maybe back in the day when PC gamers ruled, yeh, complaining about it would've brought about change but 1. this is activition and 2. there aren't enoug
  14. These guys haven't been very kind to PC gamers lately, this is a bit of a last straw for me. Don't think I'll be getting the game unless it's on sale somewhere.
  15. Glad to see this game finally get a mix and one heck of a mix with some big names behind it. Love it.
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