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  1. Let's try to keep thing a bit more civil here people. I don't want this thread to get deleted like the other ones. Could somebody clear up something for me? The word "abuse" has been thrown around a lot lately. I'm just a lowly lurker, so I might not be familiar with the "abuse" going on all over the place. I am familiar with the comments in response to the sidebar, but that situation was dealt with many moons ago. From my browsing of the forums, I have not seen anything that could warrant the deletion of an entire forum. I know that the mods would have dealt with this abuse and that they could probably cite specific examples to clarify what this abuse is like. I feel that the community would be more understanding if they could see that exact reason why their beloved forum was deleted. Right now, "abuse" just seems like a term coined to be an excuse for deletion. Kinda like the term "weapons of mass destruction."
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