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  1. Ok, first, I have never heard the original song.

    But this song is so #/"¤& good!!

    The Intro/Outro sounds to me like something more scottish.

    It's sounds like a pipe-bag or something. In any case, it's good.

    When Ghetto makes it to the main melody (I guess), the beat slowly dies, leaving the melody to flow free. This part is the best in the whole song.

    This is that kind os song I'm going to put in a CD.

    8/10 - .:Solarus:.

  2. This is one of my most beloved SNES-soundtracks. It really whops ass!

    The original game hadn't to many song and this is the best one.

    I really like the Formula 1 cars flying through the speakers and the speakers voice; "And it is...GO!". And then the beauty starts.

    Another part that amazed me was in the middle of the song when the melody disappears. The bass is pumping and the speaker shouts; "Here they come another time..." and the cars flying by...Rayza did a wonderful job with those snare-effects. Inspired of Warp Brothers maybe?

    Extremly recommended by...