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  1. This is masterful. The way of making the original sound better, which is hard... bLiNd, you're truly one of the greatest...
  2. It's DJP-style aight. The spectrum analyser on my winamp is at full all the time... Teriffic work DJP! //Solarus
  3. Man, this is excellent! It's really catchy and works perfectly with WA3's crossfade so you can listen to it again and again and again... The voice samples are extremly co_Ol...and fits the song exactly... Excellent work! 9/10 - because it's short! //Solarus
  4. Cute little sounds. That's this song. It's trance with cute sounds. Really enjoyable. A solid start of T-C. Good Work! //Solarus
  5. I can't get enough of that intro. One of the best there is at OCR! Yet repetetive, it's great. Sometimes it sounds kind of... Cute. I love that intro! //Solarus
  6. I was listening to this in it's beta-stages... It was good then. It's better now. The whole song is fantastic. Great work Starla! And to DiscoDan: Yes, there is a few very sneaky samples from the woodman theme ( around 1'54 I think) and the Airman theme ( around 2'15 )... Sneaky. Great work. Keep it up! //Solarus
  7. This sounds like New-age to me...a bit. As Blaster Master is my favorite game, it's impossible for me to not love it...I just miss some remixes of the best track in the game; Stage 1!
  8. This remix keeps you going... Damn it's fast! High speed techno in Standby style!
  9. Ey! A remix of my FATHER's favorite game! Mach Rider was this cool, futuristic motorcycle game, were you crashed Mad Max-cars with your little cannon. Munky have done an awsome job with this one. This is the kind of music I want to listen to while playing Mach Rider //Solarus
  10. This is freakin' evil music... Mohahahaha...*you're supposed to shake to death now*
  11. This mix is a little too simple I think... It's doesn't do the original soundtrack justice... And why isn't there any more Blaster Master remixxes??? 6/10 //Solarus This is my 50:th post. Jipie!
  12. FF Music DJ's best. Excellent. The piano intro, the soft synth, the wonderful beats... This must be the best track at OCR...Better than Terra in Black... (I know I will get many letters from angry FF-listeners for this statement ) That's a 10! //Solarus
  13. This IS FF Music DJ's second best track, after "Sad Melody"! I have never played through FFVII, because a graf-x bug in WinXP , but I came long enough to listen to Jenova's battle theme... FFMDJ makes it even better. Keep going! 10/10 //Solarus
  14. A great remix of the greatest NES-song of all time... It's so freak'n great! Mellogear does an awsome job and this is really enjoying... More remixes from this game, or I don't know what I'm going to do... 9/10
  15. This guy has talent. It's a fact. I don't know what to say. This mix is great. Listen to it, and cry. What you cry about is up to you to decide. 9/10
  16. Ok, first, I have never heard the original song. But this song is so #/"¤& good!! The Intro/Outro sounds to me like something more scottish. It's sounds like a pipe-bag or something. In any case, it's good. When Ghetto makes it to the main melody (I guess), the beat slowly dies, leaving the melody to flow free. This part is the best in the whole song. This is that kind os song I'm going to put in a CD. 8/10 - .:Solarus:.
  17. This is one of my most beloved SNES-soundtracks. It really whops ass! The original game hadn't to many song and this is the best one. I really like the Formula 1 cars flying through the speakers and the speakers voice; "And it is...GO!". And then the beauty starts. Another part that amazed me was in the middle of the song when the melody disappears. The bass is pumping and the speaker shouts; "Here they come another time..." and the cars flying by...Rayza did a wonderful job with those snare-effects. Inspired of Warp Brothers maybe? Extremly recommended by...
  18. I can say, I like this song. In my opinion Insomnic are one of the best remixers on this site. I really like when the bass starts to flow. A terrific remix of the Super Mario Bros. 2 theme. Recommended by...
  19. NoppZ shows the rest how a Megaman remix should be. Wily's theme and Flashman's fits eachother really well. Recommended.
  20. I have never played Zanac and havn't heard the original music before and this is soooo great! Insomnic are one of the best remixers on this site. At 1"42 there is something...that almost made me cry. It so good. Nothing more to say. A 10.
  21. Intresting. The music of my groin. It's really fun and rather unusual kind of remix. And does he groin looks like Zelda? OMG...It's an odd world we live in...
  22. This is sweet. Po! have made a kind of Hip-Hop-stylish remix of Jurassic Park. I can't really let go when I starts to listen to this. I remember one time, I listened to it for like 15 minutes. I really recommend this. Come on nod your head!
  23. I'm a techno fan and I can't really recommend this remix. I think there should be a little more beat and fewer cymbals. If it is techno, it's very low-tempo techno. Naw, maybe I have sounded a little too negative. Injury is a talented remixer. I mean, listen to her Super Mario Remix. Keep up the good work.
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