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  1. Funny thing happened as I listened to this.... Space and time itself warped around the speakers to my computer, as it was much too awesome for our universe to contain. I swear I saw a unicorn try to jump through the rip.......
  2. Got it. So it appears to be some sort of flash/mobile game? *closes website and moves on with life*
  3. Not fan of either SO3 or SO4's dubbing really. (Thankfully, SE did release the internation ver for SO4 on PS3 with Japanese lang track. huzzah). And IT'S UP!..... And it looks like....Star..Galaxy? WHAT DOES IT MEAN!?
  4. Aside from the clock sounds from the show "24" ringing in my head, I can only hope it's a SO annoucement. Aside from character designs and that, awful, awful English dubbing that SO4 had, I have not had too much fault with the SO series. I loved the first two games (Hurray for PSP releases!), and the battle systems in 3 and 4 I enjoyed throughly. Either way, I hope it is NOT A. Card game B. Mobile game or C. A Mobile Card game >_> Edit: And COUNTDOWN IS OVER.....and nothing happens. *Cricket*
  5. YAY! 13! Been stalking this place since maybe 2002.... And if OCR is 13, that means only 3 more years until OCR can start driving....been start lining the roads with tires now!
  6. *throws money at screen* Re-pledge has been...reapplied...Looking forward to a hard copy of Armored Core >_>. Wait this was for FFVI? That too >_> .
  7. I couldn't help it, but I feel like I can't give back enough! 3 Franklins, 1 Jackson to OCremix.
  8. Two Zero Zero American Greenbacks for Da OCRemix. I should be able to throw more at you guys in a little bit. Because OCR completes me.
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