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  1. You guys missed one of the best nights in halo history! Me and Marius had a great night We even saw a guy who had the legendary level 50 symbol.. which is a .. dun dun dunnn a halo! Plus we freaking owned! Only lost a few games Twas a great and fun night.. Remember every one you can check to see who is online from bungie.net or teh microsoft page, that way you don't have to sign on and find out no one was on in the first place. MSN messenger has that as a feature as well. Anyways I'll probably be playing tomoro night as well aroun 10:00-10:30 est hope to see some of you on. =]
  2. I've been ckecing evrey night all weekend and I haven't seen any one on. So last night I got on for a few hours with some friends who are back for spring break. Don't forget guys I can record the matches and put them up on filefront.. I still have the TV capture card ~.~ Level really shouldn't matter when your voting for an overlord.. it should be based on if there going to be online and what they can conrtibute to the clan Tonight I will be on starting at 10:30pm EST. I'll hook up my computer so I can record the matches.. Lets play some halo w00t! Deej: Are you getting Metroid Prime Hunters?
  3. I would love to do it as well,even though I haven't had time to play quiet as often as I'd like to. I can change that though if you need an overlord ;P. This week starts Spring Break so I'll be here that whole week as well. If not me, I vote Deej Valen. He's been on a lot lately and he's been a member for a long time. I've seen him on my MSN messenger thing. You should renew it anyways Wespip! I miss playing halo with you and every one ;_; so many good times!
  4. I'm a horrible leaf...I'm sorry.. I've been so busy with school and my fiends said were like.. HEY lets go see a movie..and I couldn't resist to the opportunity to get a way from school stuff and hang out.. so..I promise I'll play sometime.. maybe this coming weekend.. but even though I didn't play , setting a time like that sure drew in a lot of people at least.
  5. I wanna play halo....school sucks... ;_; maybe this friday night!? Post if your up for some halo around 11pm est!
  6. I can play tonight! I'll be on around ummm lesse.. 10:00 pm EST. I've been uber bed ridden sick so I haven't been doing much of anyhting so lets play! I wanna play halo!
  7. Go for it Icy! I miss playing online with you guys! After monday I will be free from the chains that bind me to school! So I hope to see you online!
  8. OKay, I'm sorry I couldn't make it at all over thanksgiving break.. went to my grandparents and they only have a 56kb connection :[ I only have this week and 2 days of the next and my 4 week break commences so I promise I'll be online. I hope people play.. I miss xbox live and every one! *tear* Deej: Instead of Original.. try OFFICIAL! w00t!
  9. I'm playing tonight at 10:30 pm EST! Whos with me?????? ....please... o.o
  10. I want to play halo 2 so bad.. but I have so much homeowke... I think I'm gonna cry...and where is every one!!!!?? WESPIP WHYYY!!? WHeres Cyanide, Marius, Spleen and many others that I have forgotten?? >_>. I mean I have had shadow of collosus which is acompletely valid reason becasue its such anawesome game and craploads of homework >_>... Anyways after this week I should have some free time but come christamas break.. count me in almost EVERY NIGHT!!!11!
  11. http://files.filefront.com/Rumble_Pitmpg/;4308921;;/fileinfo.html A fun rumble pit match we played a long time ago! Its funny..you get to watch me getting my ass kicked for the first 3 minutes XD , but its all good I made up for it in the last 5 minutes! Anyways..I will be online some time this week and definately weekend. SOrry I haven't played much.. I got a copy of Shadow of Collosus and I was (and still am) hooked on that awesome game Hope every one had a great halloween!
  12. *Tear* We need to get together again, Wes. Oh god, Cyanide... *cries* The memories! *burts out crying* *sniff* ;_; Bumper hogs all night long..god..I miss those days...but hey we still play..just not as often. I've been really busy at school..and this weekend is teh big JOhn Mayer trio concert! booya. I'll try to get on tonight if I finish this paper in time..so yeah get online every one! I'll record toO! On another note! I nominate that this song be our Team Ocremix clan theme song! > http://halo.bungie.org/news.html?item=14186
  13. Welcome back Metrion! It's good to hear that the hurricane didn't do too much damage
  14. Sorry this has taken so long..I've been sick the past week...:[ Here's a match I uploaded from last weeks matches on ..I think Friday night..or was it saturday? I can't remember. Anyways lots of people got together and we played a lot of great games. So here's one of them on Backwash. A large team slayerwith a decent file size(55mb) I'm not gonna list every ones names XD Basically almost every one was there...so yeah..give it a download. I'll upload a few more of those.. Any requests? http://files.filefront.com/BIG_MATCHmpg/;4173739;;/fileinfo.html Any one gonna be on tonight? Cus I sure am..I havn't played all week! I need some HALO!
  15. Yes! That was some great halo fun! It was nice to have Marius and Cyanide back. w00t. We also have a really cool new member Ratirna! Metrion came and played a while too, so yeah...good times! Here's an awesome video of a match we played together that night It's a slayer match on gemini! Great stuff. http://files.filefront.com/CLANAGEmpg/;4108751;4;/fileinfo.html
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