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  1. While this remix is, admittedly, good...Injury's handling of the same material is infinitely superior. This remix was just a tad too jerky for me, but was otherwise a worthy effort.

    Agreed, This is a nice techno version but Injury's is much better when comparing the two mixes. The last part of this song seems to trail off into what is a repeat of the intro. Though it's not a bad song to listen too for a few minutes.

  2. The beginning of the song is the regular "move-up-in-the-ranks" music, which moves into the "knock-down" music splashed with a bit of the "training-in-a-pink-sweatsuit" music, then moves into the "no-continues" music, which all fits perfectly with the lyrics.

    And here I thought they only used the fight theme. I had been listening to this awesome remix for awhile now and had only thought that GO only used the the theme playing during the fight. And also after reading this quote and playing the song, all of the different tunes used while playing punch out are starting to come back to me.

  3. As the subject of this message states, is exactly how I feel for this song. One of the things that make this remix more unique besides being the first Top Man remix that I know about and there being lyrics in the song, around 3:30 they seem to work in the boss theme and stage selection from Megaman 2.

    Incedently I had also heard GO's "Little Mac's Confession. In my eyes both songs have very similar quiality.

  4. I can't believe I havn't commented on this song yet. I know I had to have lstened to it at least a couple of dozen times. The wind and eagle's cry at the start of the song makes for a great intro and the way the song ends makes this remix unique from others out there. I'd love to see these guys make remixes for Spark Mandrill's stage, Flame Mammoth's stage, and Armored Armodillo's stage. Heck considering there's no Megaman X2 tracks out there it'd be nice to see a Flame Stag remix as well.

  5. It's nice to see a different Megaman game getting songs remixed. Seeing as how Megaman 2 has the most remixes. This song reminded me alot of those old alternative rock bands like Bush and Nirvana and the like. Definately a song worth getting though the start of it is deceving it picks up the traditional tune shortly after. The ending of the song is an excellent touch on an old classic.

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