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  1. Well, it was good, but The Dark Knight was the better summer movie in my opinion

    Yeah I said in 'expectations'. Everyone expected The Dark Knight to be good and breaking news it was good. Speed Racer had shitty ratings but it really redeemed itself in IMAX.

  2. On the first day of law school they told everyone to delete their Facebooks, MySpaces, etc. as a precautionary measure. Even if you have a totally professional page, a link to your friend's page where there's a picture of you enjoying life in an intoxicated state or a mention of your promiscuity is not a legal bar to employment, but it can definitely be considered. I have personally never utilized any variation of a personal page, so the only things with my name on them in Google are college-related. It's just safer that way.

    funny story. I applied for a job as a political intern for a local Republican governor. I'm a democrat but this was the only political job that actually paid. I was hired but my guy asked me why I had a John Edwards pin as my Facebook pic (I keep all my stuff private, but the pic is publically viewable)

    I denied it saying that it was another First Name, Last Name (my name is pretty common). Still he said he wouldn't let me go for being part of another political party but it wouldn't look to good in front of my very consevative co-workers.

    Later I deleted everything controversial from my facebook. My facebook is pretty vanilla now.

  3. Hmm . . . I do have RPG Maker 2003 on my computer. However, I don't think a simple program like RPG Maker '03 would look nice on my portfolio since there's no programming involve for that program.

    I could do music for indie-type games and hell, just write music for my own personal pleasure. Would that look good?

    Also, what about thinking in going into the following:



    -Business Admin

    -Music Theory and Writing

    -Computer Science

    Would the stated above help me if I do those first in community college? And will performing at for my church Music Team, would that look good or should I give up on that?

    Fuck are you serious? RPG Maker? C'mon man, c'mon.

    Also it's comm college, the most you'll do is your GE's and then transfer to a 4-year where you'll eventually specialize in what you want. Unless you're just going straight through comm college which I don't suggest.

  4. I always heard that for internships and freelancing that you should ask for little or no pay so that the company can see that you're not just doing the composing for the money while they check out if you're good enough for them.

    Whoa what? I've never heard that before. You better just show them that you're worth every penny.

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