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  1. rem

    Happy New Years!!

    I loved Mortal Kombat II
  2. Is Bloody Mess perk worth it? I've seen a lot of bloody messes but a 5% boost is kind of mediocre.
  3. Offtopic/Unmod hasn't had a [Let's Play] thread in forever
  4. rem

    Quake Live

    Whoa it's free that's fantastic.
  5. rem

    O the horror!

    I like STALKER because of the atmosphere. Really you had to be there when Chernobyl went down.
  6. Heh. The Ship is an awesome little game. Unfortunately I don't have stable internet right now.
  7. Gosh. In a forum about Advance Wars, where the strongest arguments come about via the choice of CO's.
  8. Yeah I said in 'expectations'. Everyone expected The Dark Knight to be good and breaking news it was good. Speed Racer had shitty ratings but it really redeemed itself in IMAX.
  9. A++ movie for the eyes. When it comes to expectations and such, Speed Racer was the best movie of the summer for me.
  10. oh fags that was my favorite op back in the day (2004) ROD TV: nhk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftMuloNJGnY&feature=related
  11. Baccano: Gunbuster 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVlqwJjoDkw Minami-Ke (fruity sugary but I like it) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFD-PVIbDyc I don't know I generally like most of anime OPs whatever J-sugar to jazz or that metal stuff. Don't be like that Snowstorm
  12. pssh these are all lies funded from BIG GAMING WoW kills
  13. They're slowly improving it. It's not extremely terrible but at times it's simply unplayable. mark it down as 'nice try'.
  14. Naw I've got HL2 and EP1 already thanks. I got a pass for TF2 as well but without internet@home it's kind of useless. (thanks Starla though!)
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