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  1. I've switched around...started with Cakewalk Home Studio, then went to Reason, Logic and now I'm Cubase + Ableton. As for hardware, I have a mouse and a small MIDI keyboard.

  2. Tepid

    G.E.R.U.D.O. was made with Cubase 4, Reason 3, FM8, Amplitube 3 and EZDrummer.

  3. Tepid

    When did this happen?? Did you see where he went? This 'Tepid' person has a lot to explain...

    I'm doing a lot of music under another alias actually haha. plz add me on msn - phswan@hotmail.com or AIM - bleusatellite if you'd like to chat :)

  4. dang man, I agree. Your remixes are awesome, finish them!

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