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  1. Needle Man is the theme which made me start remixing in the first place, so I tried working on it again. This time with new gear and a new DAW (Bitwig instead of FL Studio) Original: Yami - Needles.mp3
  2. Damn, it's been more than two years since I actually finished a track and even longer since I've posted here. This originally was an idea for the Shounen Jump Remix Album, but I never really got around to actually working on it until a few weeks back. Yeah, I know it's very conservative arrangement-wise, but I'm still rather proud how it turned out, and I'm interested in a professional opinion or otherwise I'll probably microtweak it until it's broken https://www.dropbox.com/s/f16bw9fhlhc18l7/Yami - Magic Knight Ray(v)earth.mp3?dl=0 Original
  3. When I first heard that track, I instantly thought of Cowboy Bebop, I definitely dig that reference
  4. Oh good, I started something, but I'm not yet sure if I can finish it, but I can try
  5. Oh wow, nice source, that's a tune I haven't heard in a very long time
  6. Haha sorry, I read about the entries via PM and misread that as sources. It was late last night
  7. Even if I often suck at competitions (unless I have a stroke of genius) I always want to take part in them. Count me in. I just have to chose my picks first My first pick would have been Kid Dracula though
  8. Submitted, well, something. I didn't have much time and the themes don't really fit...
  9. Hmm, I love everything about Zoras, perhaps I'll find time for an entry
  10. Team Knight - Shovel Power (Shovel Knight vs. Tinker Knight).mp3 Team Robot - Not So Deviant Ballade (Ballade vs. Tinker Knight).mp3 Team Robot - Tinkering on Pluto (Pluto vs. Tinker Knight).mp3
  11. If mine comes on Friday which I hope (haven't heard anything against it), it will also be the first time I get one on launch day. The last time I considered it, was with the Nintendo 64, but as a 12 year old, money was tight Edit: I just got confirmation that it's on its way, yeah
  12. It might even be that Dark Star could fit my current style better. Since I just copied that link anyway, I'm gonna post it here too:
  13. Well, I wanted to post a WIP, but I can also give you a link to the last project I completed And I also don't know yet, what I come up with depending on the source
  14. Hmm, ok, seems i'm probably at the short end of the stick for that track, I want to work a bit on my Chrono Cross WIP, then I'm not home till Monday and then it's my turn in my RvK tournament, so if someone else is faster, then that's my problem
  15. Ok, I know it was posted in December, but I just found it now, in February, my traditional Tales of Phantasia month, and now I get even more reasons to replay it. Thank you for this
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