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  1. I like it... sounds kind of Baroque, but not exactly what I expected when I saw the description. The harpsichord doesn't stick out, which is good, since it hardly ever does in Baroque orchestral music (seems that it's usually brass or strings, which is how you orchestrated as well - I'm guessing you have lots of experience with this sort of music). The samples could be a bit better, but I was never one to quip over that, since anyone can perform it later on better instruments if you're releasing the sheet music.

  2. Better still, not only is it steprecorded/sequenced, but he's no pianist, so to create a solid piano arrangement such as this has surely taken some good measure of skill. It goes to show that not being able to play an instrument isn't always a good excuse for not being able to write for it! Joe clearly knows his way around a piano, even if not in realtime.

    Overall, an excellent mix, but something kept irking me about this as a pianist - the balance between bass and treble that most pieces contain is absent for a good portion of this piece. The bass is right up there in your face, and it often drowns out the actual melody, which is being played much softer in the uppermost registers of the instrument. This is OK to emphasize the bass for a few measures, but do it too often and the melody gets drowned out - and most of the expressiveness of the song with it. That may be why people have complained that it sounds somewhat mechanical - lots of dynamics, but only the large crescendos are audible. Most of the subtle dynamic variations (and they are usually more powerful when you can hear them in the melody, not just the accompaniment) that make a piano piece sound more "human" are inaudible, whether or not they're actually present.

  3. I'm a little surprised that this song, out of all on the project, made it here, since some of the others are really fantastic. As for this song, it's decent, and the quality of the samples is good (but then, judging a song by the quality of its samples is nearly as bad as judging a game by its graphical content), but the arrangement just completely loses its energy around halfway through the mix (Around 3:40). The next 10 seconds are positively bombastic, and probably should have been thrown out of the mix.

    Overall, the first half is good, but the second needs work.

  4. This mix demonstrates considerable talent at arranging and piano playing. The audio quality is impeccable... did you record this live? (and if so, what type of piano were you playing this on so I know what to buy when I get rid of my current one? ;) )

    However, this really isn't my style of music... the melody is subdued and lost for most of the song, with too many notes packed together in the beginning and too few at the end. The melody itself broke into chromaticism a little bit too much for my taste as well, considering that the source material sticks to its key almost all of the time.

    That last chord is fine; it gives the song a reflective quality.

    It's good; it just isn't the sort of music I listen to.

  5. I really like the woodwind arpeggios at the beginning. Very nice harmonization at 1:18, though I would have been a bit more daring with the harmonization from the very start (but then, that's a individual stylistic issue). The song lost a lot of its momentum at around 2:07. Some of that came back with the choral sound about 20 seconds later, but you didn't sustain it long enough. 3:18 went nice, but that could stand to be longer too.

    In short, I would try varying the harmony more and extend some parts that can go places, like the one at 3:18. Nice nonetheless; I'd give this a 70/100 if I had to rate it numerically.

  6. I was awestruck the first time I heard this. The entire Artifact of Power series is part of my collection.

    You may all be interested to know that this is one of a collection of four songs, all of which are on VGMix:

  7. Sorry for this one, but where can i get Squidfonts?

    If you'd like, I'll send it to you - it was a pain to find. PM me if interested.

    Anyway, does anyone know of any good free GM soundfonts? I'm looking specifically for one to use with a softsynth (Fluidsynth), as I don't have a hardware synth on this computer. In particular, I'm looking for one with tuned instruments - some GM soundfonts seem to have particular instruments tuned differently than others, which makes for a very poor rendition when they're heard together.

  8. At some point in the near future I'll compile all your responses into the guide (giving credit where it's due) and add a brief section in "Trackers" on Paragon 5's Gameboy tracker. Also I will add URLs for each program listed above so people can be even lazier and not even have to Google for the downloads.

    EDIT: I used to look for Linux software, but in vain. I did locate a couple MIDI composers (that I can't recall the names of) and some sort of DJing program called TerminatorX that I never did learn how to use. If anyone has any experience at all using free Linux music software, please post! Your help is appreciated.

    EDIT2: Zircon, this looks really useful, thanks for the info!

    Rosegarden and Muse are the two best music editors for Linux (IMO). Rosegarden is more of a notation editor, whereas Muse is less notation-oriented and more beat-oriented (I think - I don't use Muse much).

  9. I like it! It does seem to have a wavelike quality to it, which is probably a good thing for a calm piece such as this one. The background harmony gets a bit repetative around 1:30, but this is brief and doesn't really interfere with the piece as a whole. I like how the climax builds yet doesn't actually vary from the rest of the song much. Some might not like it because it's very "static", but it's a nice, peaceful song to listen to. Good job.

  10. At first, I groaned and thought "Yet another Ice Cap Zone remix". Of course, I gave it a listen. The music has a very interesting flavor to it, but the samples used remind me more of Lava Reef Zone or Launch Bay Zone than Ice Cap. I particularly like how the woodwinds kick in around 2:00 and last for the rest of the piece, albeit not as powerfully as they were in 2:00. All in all, I like it :)

  11. I didn't like this one that much for a few reasons. Firstly, I'm a big fan of "get to the point" mixes, and having to wait 1:40 to hear a recognizable melody didn't go well with me. It gets a bit repetitive afterwards too, in that the notes seem to be confined to a small range. On the positive side, the arpeggio in the background would sound nice if it weren't there for the almost the entire length of the song. I think that's what made me consider this repetitive. The samples also sound very nice. All in all, a decent mix, but not one I'm going to add to my collection.