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  1. Hey everybody, Heath here, it's been a while! I had the thought earlier that Reason 7's addition of the MIDI Out device might actually have many more implications than just allowing control of hardware synths. Using a simple VST host like "VST Host", I assume it is possible to functionally use a VST with Reason by routing midi from Reason to the host using LoopBe1 internal midi port software, then pumping audio out of the VST host using JACK or a similar software, back into Reason. Then I started thinking about Midi-over-ethernet and audio-over-ethernet. Apparently JACK and its associated modules/extensions can do a fair amount of this routing. So, I could have a primary sequencer computer with Reason on it, with a bunch of MIDI-out devices, all flowing into JACK, then over Ethernet, into JACK on my second computer, into a vst host with a handful of VSTs on different midi channels, with multiple channels of digital audio coming out of them separately, back into JACK, back over Ethernet, into JACK on my first computer, and into Reason in multiple audio input channels, no? This would allow me to: 1) effectively use multiple VSTs with Reason. 2) outsource all of the CPU cycles needed for those VSTs onto another computer. Can anyone tell me if this is a pipe-dream? Has anyone heard of this or done this? Thanks!
  2. Dude, I totally forgot you can put stuff on there for free! Thanks man
  3. Hi Everyone, I released my latest album for free. You can grab it from my site if you want: There are 192 and 320kbps versions in separate zips. Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy! EDIT: Also for free on Thanks Mustin!
  4. lol awesome at least now it is obviously wrong and will get fixed thanks!
  5. I don't have an account at wikipedia nor have I ever edited anything there. If anyone here has an account, they should go edit this page: Take out anything relating to "kent edwards" whoever the hell that is, the soundtrack was by martin and michael.
  6. Thanks for the tip jimmy but that mix is closing in on 5 years old. I'd like to think I've improved since then. EDIT: aaaaaaaand you weren't talking to me, whoops. next time I will read the quoted post first :/
  7. Yea it was a pretty cool feeling. Whoa Jesper Kyd is awesome, congrats on that one! I'm afraid I don't know Neil, but that's awesome too!
  8. He came out of hiding and complimented my remix, wtf
  9. Hi everyone! I wanted to let you know I have a new EP called "Night Sounds" and it is up on iTunes and Amazon. It is 4 tracks which have elements of house and electro. My friend Michael Cook did the album art. If you check it out in the actual itunes program you get much longer previews, so you can get a pretty good idea of each song. Tell me what you think! Thanks guys Heath
  10. dude, Haista Vittu Trombi Mies just blew my damn mind

  11. WOW sweet!! :D Surprisingly that song never got any love when it's an amazing source to play around with.

    So it's official? Do I put you down for it?

  12. word up, I have been messing with Alone in the World so I'll upload a WIP soon